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Chelsee Healey school secretary in Strictly come dancing show/Waterloo road actress pics

Updated on March 1, 2012

Chelsee Healey Pictures

Strictly come dancing out worn by Chelsee
Strictly come dancing out worn by Chelsee
Chelsee Healey on the dance show Strictly
Chelsee Healey on the dance show Strictly

Chelsee Healey undergoes a transformation

Chelsee Healey was on our screens this weekend on the BBC in the new series of Strictly come dancing (series 9).The launch show was an introduction to the weeks of dancing to come and gave us all a chance to see the celebrities and the professional dancer they have been paired with. Chelsee is better know up an till now as her roles in the BBC series waterloo road in which she originally played a role as a pupil at the school nd then returned to play the role of school secretary.So it was a nice surprise to see Chelsee all made up in a great outfit and ready to dance a long way from the types of dressed down outfits we are used to seeing her in.

Chelsee was born on August 1988 in Eccles Manchester England and after leaving education had minor TV roles in the situation comedy two pints of lager and a packet of crisps and a role in the daytime medical soap Doctors both of which were for the BBC but Chelsee has also appeared in channel 4 series Hollyoaks. But to date Chelsee has become more commonly known as Janeece Bryant in Waterloo road and after appearing as a pupil up until series four again returned in series 6 as the school secretary. Chelsee is also due to star in series 7 as well that is of course unless with the extra media attention of being on strictly come dancing Chelsee could find herslf with a multitude of offers to choose from.

Chelsee's Raunchy Outfit causes complaints to BBC

Chelsee caused a stir on the launch program of Strictly come dancing after wearing a dance outfit that one could say was a little snug as well as revealing. But too all the people who complained i say really have you got nothing else to do with your lives. Who makes these complaints i done know. At the end of the day Chelse Healey is a full figured lady and wearing the same dress as could be worn by a lady with a less curvier shape would that of caused complaints i dont think so. Chelsee is a young lady and in great shape and with all the dancing ahead of her will now doubt get even fitter and quite possibly the outfits could get a little raunchier.

But i will leave it for you to decide the video is below is it just the dress thats caused the stir or the way the BBC has filmed to get a little controversy and possibly increase the viewers of the show.

Chelsee Healey on launch show of strictly come dancing 2011


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