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Child Fighters in Cartoons

Updated on March 19, 2017
This kid is ready to fight.
This kid is ready to fight.


Anime often has a magical girl save the universe or just her town. She is not simply selected. The wiser character has been looking for her for a long time.

This girl has a power that she is not aware of. But, often she is given a power by the wise character or a friend.

No home

Most characters don't have a home. Others have families that don't understand them. There are times when the main character's family needs to be found.

In the cartoon, Sofia the First, Sofia is given an amulet that will protect herself. So, far she has not protected the world from something evil. The evil has to do with a random princess, misunderstands, and helping others do some task. She is not always right. But, she does not moves forward with her plans. Eventually, all the characters move on with their lives.

Sofia grow up with her mother. She is a product of a single parent family.

Sofia has no experience with magical items. But, she is a someone that has friends to help her from the village. It is unknown if she was ever rich.

- Sofia seems to be happy no mater where ever she lives. She seems to adapt to any situation. Even when she does met some child solders in the forest, Sofia tries to join them.They is some conflict but if she didn't have a home that would easily be her new one.

Magical lab made girls

The Power Puff girls had three little lab manufactured girls saving the town where they lived. They always won. Every day or week they had to fight some villain that adults could not defeat.

This girls already have superpowers. They just protect people. There is no reason for them to protect anyone. They just know what is good and what is evil.

Teenage Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kicked ninja butt in every comic book and show. They were always fighting Shredder. They never lost to the foot clan. And, they saved the New York City.

--This Turtle had a teacher. They didn't just start to fight evil. They knew how the moves with years of training. Also, the foot clan were trained to fight, too.

--In the first movie, children leave home to join the foot clan. The family life of the foot clan are unknown in the comics and cartoons.

Age Slowly or not at all

The child solders never age. They would have some sort of mental problems to deal with if they became adults. Integrating the child with the other people in the town causes problems.
If the child aged, we would have to mix killers with people who have not killed. The people become afraid of what could happen. This leads the population wondering what to do with the solder after war.

When the child is always a child, they can keep fighting evil in a magical world. In anime, the child goes on to live a great life, which leads to a good family and children. In darker ones, the child might die or leave a family behind after they save the main character.

Kids Lie

Mulan lied about her gender to get into the army. The Disney show has her saving the day and saving the kingdom. She does not get punished. In reality, she didn't get the guy. She did go on with her life.

There are many cases in the army were children have lied to be able to fight in some war.

Too innocent

Most of the children that are given power have people in power that lie to them. The lies are from the people that speak in absolutes. Everyone is this way. All of those people are that way. This is very familiar in popular fiction.

There is no clear good. There is not clear bad. But, the child is told the what is good or bad. Even the audience agrees with the wise character that the child has only first met.

-The wise character could easily be evil. Yet, the story is only spoken in the child's point of view.

Sad Back Story

Somehow, the main character has problems that the parents don't care about.

-- They have no parents that are around for them.

-- The parents are dead.

-- The foster parents are secretly afraid of them.

-- The have a normal background and the parents would never understand their new powers.

-- They are adopted.

-- In Ice Age, the baby is taken away from his family. He might be eaten. He is not a child solder does see a war around him happen. I am sure he or she will grow up to become a child solder.

Right And Wrong

This does not matter in child centered anime or cartoons. The child character wins in most cases.

Other characters might know the truth. But, the other characters can not explain their position once the audience has decided who is right or wrong.

Sofia the First

It could turn out that the king is evil. We will never know of this because the audience sees him a good guy.

--There is no evidence that the king is a good guy. Sofia does live in a time of peace. The people that live near the castle go on with their lives.

Strange happens-- Sofia always wins when she is the village. She is picked to sing. Her friends still like her. She is makes friends friends with a witch that curses everyone.

Why does this things happen? The king tells people what to do. He is the king. Sofia is the daughter of the king of the area. Everyone obeys him. So, Sofia's is seen as the law.

If anything happened to her ... there would be trouble.

If something happened to her. The village would be in danger.

The children would be forced to flee or become child solders to defeat the king. They would be overpowered by the magical people and there would be no village to rule over.

Lord of the Rings (there is a cartoon version of the movie)

In Lord of the Rings, Frodo, a young hobbit obeys a wizard that has him leaving home.

Hobbits do not fight. They eat and grow crops. They do not fight.

The hobbit is told to do the wrong thing in order to save people. The ring is evil ... end of story.

Is the wizard a good guy? This is unknown. The hobbits don't like him. He corrupts the young and tells stories about the outside world. They do not want anyone to fallow him.


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