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Childern in horror shows

Updated on March 20, 2017
This kid will save the world, soon.
This kid will save the world, soon.

Horror to those in it

Most children in horror stories are expected to survive. Most are trained to fight the evil character.

The training either lasts a long time or the child is forced to learn quickly to get away from the evil person.

This shows have there be some war or evil villain to overcome. Normally, a child would not be able to defeat the main character. But, he or she is just the choice one that can fight or run faster then the bad guy.

In all of this examples, a bad guy is defeated or outsmarted for now.

The Walking Dead

The show, The Walking Dead has a young Carl with shooting zombies. He survives even when the odds are against him.

- The first flash back of him, shows him at school. The scene is not of a child solder. He is use to going to school with other children. There is no guns in sight even if his father is a with the police.

- The scene does change to him living with his mother and a group of people in the forest outside of town. Carl still does not know how to fight. The grown up know how to fight.

- He does not listen to his mother even during with zombies possibly around.

- Though the entire story the boy wonders off. This is a common theme for him.

- He does learn to shot and hunt currently in the comics and the series. Carl is still a teen and the zombies are still a problem that refuse to go away.


These movies has teenagers dying. But, anyone in elementary school are safe.

The child solder theme comes in when Jamie tries to get away from her brother. She learns that he is no sane. There seems to be no getting away from him. But, she does get away from him.

This does not have her physically fighting her enemy. She is a service. She faced her enemy and still lived.

The little girl is at war with her brother. There can be only winner for now. If she wins, her brother has to be defeated even if it is not by her.

Jamie is more of a reluctant hero. And, in the fifth installment her friend has been training himself to stay away from crazy people. He knows something wrong has happened.

There is no real training for him from the military. He is overly concuss.

Friday the 13th

The knifed killer goes after children.

The first movie has Freddy trying to kill children in their dreams. The children have to somehow outsmart him or die. Eventually, Freddy does go away. However, he does give the teenager nightmares about what could happen in the future.

This trains the female character on how to fight Freddy in later movies.


This is a horror show to the Salt's character. There is no way out for her. She is trapped in a horror story. Even though this is an action show there are notes that the back story is horror.

This is the movie that has Angelina Jolie's character, Salt, trained to kill from a very early age. There are many of this children hinted at in the movie.

-- This is very extreme for this to happen in movies. Normally, the child does not start off as a solder. They have some type of family or they don't know how to fight.

The movie has her as an adult trying to get away from the government.

The Hunger Games

This horror has to do with children dying every year at the same time. The consent horror of the lottery is still in place. No one can escape the next year. The children can train for the event or be selected.

The richest characters are trained to go to the even at an early age. There is no excaping the event. But, they are ready to fight.

--This might lead to volunteers from the district that is fighting. This may lead to being volen-told what to do.

Both the movie and the books show child solders. The adults have to relay on the children to go out to fight or they will not have much food to live.

The children are killed off in a gladiator fashion to make sure that everyone knows who is in charge.

This works against the people in charge when other characters force the main character to fight for what is right. The main character does know how to hunt. But, the child does not kill others.

Most of the books show a transmitted young woman trying to survive. Eventually, she does go to a war of some kind. But, she is still the lead character.

Dragon Ball (Mostly an action/adventure story)

This anime has many people have their homes demolished. (I am sure many people die off camra.) The people are need of a hero.

To the citizens of this anime, they are in a horror story.

There are times when the main character is killed and wished back to life.

This story is not played as a horror. The show has Goku always happy no matter what happens. This leads the audience to want the character to fight even more.

Goku's death could happen again at any time in the series.

Goku is trained from a young age to fight. He does not go to school. He trains in the forest since birth.

His is a unwilling child solder, as he fight against the Red Ribbon Army.

Unlike most children, Goku is never seen as the scared little child. He fights and looks for the positive parts of life.

He does get trained to be a better fighter.


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