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Childlike Faith Must Mature

Updated on March 17, 2018


Everyone child loves the hulk. The character came about years ago and it has been a hit since. That CHILDLIKE FAITH caused many kids to think that’s who they were. Besides his green color, the Hulk has something everyone wants. He has strength, power and the image that really intimates people. In the 70’s it was a huge hit but not on the big screen yet. It starred Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner and body builder Lou Ferrigno as the big, green hulk. Banner tells people that they will not like him when he is angry and the people sometimes called his bluff. They got him angry and regret doing it. After the television series ended in 1982 a cartoon came right behind it. Increasing the CHILDLIKE FAITH of kids everywhere. The series ran on NBC. The series followed the comic book character closely but only lasted a short period of time. In 1996, that CHILDLIKE FAITH in him was seen on the TV screen again. This time it was animated. Lou Ferrigno came back to voice the animated hulk. The show featured cameos of other marvel characters. It also introduced She Hulk on his side. The other cameos include, Gargoyle, Abomination and many other gamma radiated creatures. Kids loved the character and the fact that he had a companion. Despite all of that the show lasted a short time. There were only two seasons but the Hulk’s character never went away. The hulk character never went away but there was people wondering. During this time frame there was a video game on PlayStation released. It was a single player action game based on the storylines of those of the past. The hulk jumped, kicked, punched and picked up large objects to throw. The hulk on the game also had a gamma bar that was depleted whenever the hulk uses his special moves. Despite little success with the toys after it everyone was waiting on an actual film. Technology changed and they expected a hulk film. Captain America had one, X-Men, Spider man and many big comic book characters had one. As technology increased the Hulk was to get one too. In 2003 and 2008 the fans got what they wanted.


Eric Bana starred as Bruce Banner. He is the son of a scientist. His father had CRAZY FAITH, He believed that someday super soldiers with modified DNA extracted from various animals will become a huge part of the military. His idea was denied by a military general because he became aware of the dangers of it. Despite that, one soldier was made. That one soldier was his own son Bruce. He sought a cure for his son but in the process of finding it he is stopped because of a traumatic event that wipes out Bruce’s memory. As Bruce got older he inherited his father’s intelligence. He too became a scientist. Bruce has faith that he will repair cells one day. He hopes to repair the cells by using low level gamma radiation. One day while experimenting the machine he is using he is using malfunctions. He is exposed to a massive amount of gamma radiation because he threw himself on the machine to protect others from being exposed but he also enhanced what was already inside of him. Now, he needed more discipline and he gets it but his father David Banner played by Nick Nolte puts him under extreme stress forcing him to transform into a monstrous, green humanoid. Bruce uses his humanoid strength for the good of mankind.

The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton played Bruce Banner who spent five years working at a factory in Rio, Brazil. He remembered what it takes for him to transform into that monster so he takes extreme measures not to. Banner is also looking for a cure for his condition. Like his father David, there are a few men in the factory that choose to test him. They make him angry and regret it. Not only is it the men but is also a well-known henchman named Emil Blonsky played by Tim Roth. Blonsky sees the hulk and is mesmerized. He wants to be like him. He saw the hulk and had CHILDIKE FAITH. He admired the strength, the size and rage. The beast in Banner injured blonsky in an epic battle. Blonksy may have been injured but he loved the encounter. He knew the only think that can fix him up was in banner but that wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He goes to a doctor to get more but finds that there something already within him. The injection will only enhance it and it did. As soon as it was injected he transformed into a large humanoid going by the name abomination. Banner knew that what was inside him was the only thing that could defeat the abomination. He transforms into the hulk and saves the city from the abomination’s rage.


Kids not only love the Hulk but adults do as well. Having CHILDLIKE FAITH to be the hulk is good but it is not good if you misuse what is inside. One of the many things that cannot go unnoticed is the fact that Bruce Banner always looked to control what he had. Even in the TV series he was always trying. In the 1st live action film he had the power since he was a child. Once he got older he wanted to use it to help others. He became a scientist. He jumped on the machine so others will not be affected. He absorbed the massive amount of radiation and he controlled it by going into captivity. Now if you watch the film he was placed in captivity. Sometimes you never know why things happen the way they do. When he sensed danger, he came back and witnessed his father misusing the power to harm the good. He transformed and eradicated it in the end. After he did it he went back to ole normal Bruce. In the Incredible Hulk he was in another country. Controlled what was in him for five years. Blonsky wanted to use the power to do what will cause harm. Same happened there in the end. The key words in CHILDLIKE FAITH is child. Faith is good to have but there is a time when Childlike faith must be Adultlike faith. We cannot keep thinking like children when it comes to faith. The Hulk is symbolic of most beasts on this planet. He looks monstrous but really has a heart to save. Faith is about maturity and Bruce Banner showed us that. Lastly, the storyline in these movies. It took a while for it to get on big screen and took five years to have a part 2. The movies were released in perfect timing. It’s okay for children to believe they are powerful but it’s even better when they understand that they must use it properly.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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