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Childlike Faith Is Still Faith

Updated on March 14, 2018


Remember when we were young and there were times when we all thought our toys were real? Disney played a huge part in that with animated films of the favorite toys on the big screen. Movies that make this true are Pinocchio, Dumbo, Ninja Turtles or Winnie the Pooh. The most popular because of the big screen are the Star Wars toys. Movies have brought toys to life in the past and present. No matter how we try to twist it they are not real but you cannot kill a child’s faith by saying that. For Example, you could not tell a little girl that a cabbage patch doll was not a real baby. Same goes for little boys. You could not say to them that G.I Joe action figures were not real. Especially with them knowing there was a cartoon. Despite them seeing the toys did not move they thought it. Childlike faith is at an all-time high. These days it is not only children but adults as well. The past but the present only difference is technology. With movies like Toy Story 1 (1995), 2(1999) and 3 (2010) it will not stop anytime soon.

Toy Story 1

At the beginning of this toy Story franchise a young boy has a group of toys. The head of the group is Woody voiced by Tom Hanks. The group of toys are never moving when the boy has them but his childlike faith makes him think they are mobile. When the child is not around his theory is proven. Turns out they are mobile. The gets a new toy that may take woody’s place. That new Toy is Buzz Lightyear voiced by Tim Allen. Buzz thinks he is not a toy and Woody spends a lot of time trying to convince him that he is. Like the child has his faith the toys have theirs as well. While preparing to move they have faith that none of them will be replaced. Meanwhile, Woody has a hard time accepting Buzz. He plays little pranks to get Buzz excited but one prank goes too far. Buzz falls out of the window as a result and the other toys immediately lose FAITH in him. So woody figures a way to make it up to them by rescuing him. Little does he know, he does not have to go far. Buzz is in the car. Buzz later ends up in one of the neighborhood kids known for destroying toys yard strapped to a rocket. Woody does what he must so that Buzz is safe. He has Faith that he will get the job done and does with the help of the other toys. They are all together again. Woody and Buzz become best friends.

Toy Story 2

Woody, Buzz and the Gang are together again. They also welcome new additions to their crew. Their child owner still does not know they are mobile when he is not there but it’s not stopping his childlike faith that they are. In this one the toys must learn to maintain without woody who is going to camp. Woody has faith that Buzz can be a great leader. Before leaving, Woody has an injury that slightly dislocates his arm and he must go to an artist to fix it. In the meantime, he is put aside awaiting the opportunity. His owners have a yard sale and woody goes out to rescue another toy. A male at the yard sale saw woody and stole him. He took woody to his home. The other toys have faith that he is going to be found. They head to Al’s toy Barn where they know woody is. Meanwhile, woody finds that the guy that stole him did it because woody is a part of a collection. Woody befriends a horse and a new toy that is a part of it. Once they recuse woody they rescue them all.

Toy Story 3

The gang is all back together and the owner Andy has grown up. He’s own his way to college now. Due to his age the toys think woody has outgrown them. Due to the discouragement, Woody decides to close shop. The toys are to be placed attic but they do not believe it. They think they will get thrown away and woody convinces that they won’t be. He does all he can to assure them that they are not going anywhere. Little do they know, he too is discouraged and Buzz knows it. Before planning they decide what is going to go and what is going to stay. Andy puts his toys in a black garbage bag. His mother accidentally mistakes the bag as trash and takes it out to the street. The toys are released but they do not buy that Andy wants them. They get into a Box labeled Sunny Side but he keeps Woody while the gang in the bag thinks they are being throw out but are really getting put into the addict. Woody tries to convince them that that is not what Andy wanted but they are not falling for it. They go to Sunnyside and befriend a charming but evil bear named Lot-so-hugging bear voiced by Ned Petty. Lotso wants the toys to stay there but their desire to get back to Andy will not allow them. They had that childlike faith that they will get back to Andy and they did. The evil Lotso is not destroyed during the process but he goes where he belongs.


This franchise was developed by none other than Walt Disney and Pixar films. They were hits since the first started. The team put together toys of the past and present under one roof and had them all work together. They suffered discouragement at times but what stood out about these films was how these toys stuck together in every film and built one another up no matter what it took. In Toy Story one woody will not get along with Buzz but they became friends. Best buddies in the end and in part two they built on their friendship. When woody was taken the way, they had Buzz lift the team to track woody down was impressive. Woody was a part of a collection that was being shipped off to japan. Before they were shipped off the team of toys rescued woody and added new members to the team. In toy story 3 Woody being the leader tried to encourage the team by doing anything he could but the fact that Andy is older and going away to college was enough proof for them. When he said those toys are junk that was enough. The toys immediately felt unwanted and felt that Sunnyside will make them wanted again. Sunnyside did but so did Lotso. The team was rescued and the evil lotso got what he deserved. Childlike faith is common. Today’s technology can answer many mysteries for children these days. Childlike faith is nothing any adult should live by but the fact that faith can exist in the mind of a child for something as simple as toys is very impressive. If they can have faith in what they believe so can adults.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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