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Children Ruling Others in Television Shows

Updated on March 18, 2017
They are hear to rule the empire.
They are hear to rule the empire.

Welcome Young Ruler

The ruler of the land is very young. He or she is so young that they don't know much about ruling the kingdom. But, they are chosen to be king or queen.

In Star Wars, Padme is a very young queen of Naboo. She does not rule it for long. But, she is very smart. Also, she ready to be queen.

In cartoons, they had a bratty look to them. Elena of Avalor has a princess that leads everyone. But, she likes to actions above looking after people in the kingdom. She is still a naive girl in some ways.

People seem to love the fresh look of the new ruler. They are tired of what happened in the past.

They never lose

This teenager does not know how to fully protect themselves. There is no way that the teenager will ever win.

Someone decides to help the king/queen/prince/princess. This person becomes the friend that help out. There is no way things will work on their own without help.

Wise people

Wise people show up to teach the youth right before the fight

In Lord of the rings, Frodo and Sam have friends to help them destroy the one ring. Frodo is not a king. But, he is a young character that has to save the world.

In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralf shows up to help out the little girl. Without him the little girl would never get any help. She would be out in the candy jungle.

In Gundam Wing, Relena Peacecraft has to keep the peace. Without the Pilots to help her she would be dead. There would never be any kind of peace.

They accept full victory even if that was not a victory at all

They have won something with the help of their friends. Yet, everyone in the crowd cheers for them. This could lead to them acknowledging their friends that helped them.

The evil is not really gone

- The evil person is gone. Dead or missing. But, there people are still alive.
- There is something very wrong with defeating the evil person. This does not lead to anything, though.

- The people that hated the queen are still there. They now act like they love the queen.

- The princess is even more evil then the evil that has been defeated. The people don't care at all what is happening as long as they are being controlled. (This happens in romance novels.)

Good people are jerks

The princes is a someone that is not nice to anyone.

-- Others have to be nice because of plot holes.

-- The good people cheat to win.

-- Anyone who disagrees with the main character is bad.

The past matters

It does not matter if the person is good or not. The leader or leader's friends don't like the person. Now, the random person is a villain even if the person has no idea about being evil.

-- This happens when the main character is a big-it toward a group of people. They are evil.

-- This happens when a random character that the person. Is being made fun of for being different. This person is not only big-ited against. They are told they are bad from the start.

Power up

There is something about the new ruler. The power has a magic to them.

-- The king might be able to pull out the sword from the stone. They are the ruler by default.

-- The parents die. This gives them the power-up they need to rule.


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