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Children Singers

Updated on October 3, 2012

Children Singers

There is something about a child's voice that catches the attention of all of us. The talent that our children have sometimes can be astonishing. Children singers have a sound that cannot be captured by adults and will always have an edge on the music industry that will be enjoyed forever.

This Little guy with a Big Voice.

5 sisters 5-9 years old and singing the National Anthem.


During a search on YouTube one day I decided to search to see just how many children singers were posted and decided to share some of the ones that I thought were talented.

The nest clip has these kids singing " Seven Bridges Road."

Erika, Zachary and Delaney Daves of Brandon, MS rehearsing for an upcoming performance. They are self-taught vocalists ages 14, 13, and 11.

Nice Clip Od Amazing Children Singers.

This One is My Favorite.

 Thanks for visiting.........Phil.


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