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Children in Need - With Pudsey Bear

Updated on November 8, 2017
Pudsey Bear
Pudsey Bear | Source

What is Children in Need?

Children in Need is an annual UK charity event that finishes with a 7-hour, all evening, TV extravaganza show on the BBC - the BBC Pudsey Concert!

Children in Need started in 1980. Between 1980 and 2016 CIN had raised over £600 million directly for the Children in Need charity.

The Children in Need TV Programme, on BBC Television

The Children in Need TV show runs for a full 7 hours of entertainment, with a whole line of celebrities and stars coming out to entertain, or donate money. There are also lots of recorded interview clips shown where the presenters visit those people and organisations who have been helped by the charity, to show how the money will be spent, or is being spent.

The BBC also have reporters based throughout the UK, who go out on the evening of Children in Need interviewing groups and individuals who have collected money. It is very common for companies and staff to have Dress Down Days, where they pay £1 to wear their normal clothes, or they dress up in a theme for the day - with all cash collected going to the Children in Need charity.

Sponsored Events

In the weeks leading up to the main event day, individuals and groups are out running fundraisers, running marathons, holding coffee mornings - and 1000 more bizarre initiatives - purely to raise money for this national charity.

Throughout the evening of entertainment on the TV, viewers are invited to phone in and make a pledge over the telephone using their debit or credit card.

Call Centre Staff

To stage an event like Children in Need takes a lot of organisation - and staffing. It's become customary for large organisations to donate their staff and equipment for the night. For example, BT will donate their call centre staff and lines to answer the phones to take donations over the phones.

As a backdrop to the stage on the TV show there's always a running total of how much has been raised to date - and every year the objective is to raise more money than the year before.

Children in Need, Pudsey Bear
Children in Need, Pudsey Bear

Who is Pudsey Bear?

Every programme has a mascot - and Pudsey Bear is the well-known mascot for Children in Need.

Pudsey Bear is a golden-coloured teddy bear, with a patch over one eye.

Pudsey Bear Colouring Pictures & Pudsey Bear Colouring Sheets:

A great source of free Children in Need colouring pictures, colouring pages and colouring sheets for kids ready to print out are available at:

When is Children in Need 2017?

Children in Need 2017 is on Friday 17 November.

Who is Presenting Children in Need 2017?

Details are usually announced at the last minute - and there are always surprise guest appearances on the night.

Is There a Theme for Children in Need 2017?

The theme is always SPOTS.
The tagline is: “Show your spots, Let's Raise Lots!”

The theme is inspired by the spots on Pudsey's eyepatch - and is easy to replicate and incorporate into your own theme ideas!

Official BBC Children in Need Websites & More Info

Getting Involved & Sponsors

There are hundreds of ways you can get involved in Children in Need - if you're not already doing something, then how about checking out the official BBC website for ideas.

Many other organisations support Children in Need every year.

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    • victoria1800 profile image

      Victoria 4 years ago from Whitechapel UK

      I love Children in Need. Every year the kids get dressed up for school to raise money and all the local businesses do fundraisers too. It is great to see everyone coming together to raise money for such an amazing cause. Great Hub :-)

    • profile image

      me ♥ 4 years ago

      i think its a cool idea but what is the theme for this year 2013 ? plz tell me i need it now ♥

    • profile image

      fry nj 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Ashina 5 years ago

      I love Blush and Pudsey bear they represent children in need very well

    • profile image

      ally 5 years ago

      i love him

    • profile image

      claire 6 years ago


    • profile image

      aimee 6 years ago

      I love you pudsdey . i love children in need. I am watching it right now i love you pudsay

    • profile image

      ellie 6 years ago

      I love pudsey i like children in need raising money it is fun.

    • profile image

      carina haines 6 years ago

      wow i adore pudsey for what he does for children who are in need :)

    • profile image

      leo 6 years ago

      i think tis is a great idia

    • profile image

      ellie 6 years ago

      I love you pursdey . i love children in need .

    • profile image

      elin 8 years ago

      i watched it last nite it was brill

    • profile image

      hi 8 years ago

      hi cool

    • profile image

      alex egerton 8 years ago

      Please can i have a pudsey bear to keep

    • profile image

      bob 8 years ago


      NOT WATERS OF MARS THAT'S IN NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      This is a very good hub, and we need more events like this in the U.S. Thanks!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your well written hub and reminder.

    • Moon Daisy profile image

      Moon Daisy 8 years ago from London

      I love Children in Need. Thanks for reminding me about it, I'll make sure I watch it!