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Review of the Album "Blooddrunk" by Finnish Death Metal Band Children of Bodom

Updated on February 11, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What is the Major Difference Between the Album Blooddrunk and Earlier Children of Bodom Albums?

2005 was the year when Finland’s Children of Bodom became a true death metal band and I had mentioned before that 2008 was their weakest moment. Or is their 2008 album "Blooddrunk" really weaker? This album is an example of how the style change hurt Children of Bodom. The speed and the rough vocals are still there but there is significantly less neoclassical elements. This is bad news for those fans that are used to the band’s older style.

Note: the band should have separated those two words when they were constructing the album's title. With that stated, how is the album overall?

A Photo of Alexi Laiho Back in 2006


What is the Title Track About?

The title track starts with a very catchy riff and then slows down. The song is about someone that has a very relentless issue with drinking and they cannot stop doing it. Maybe Alexi Laiho loved to party, so that’s why he wrote a song like this.

Why is This Album a Significant Release?

This album holds a special place of significance to a person that has recovered from the darkness of their personal issues to write about a talented yet controversial band. Note: it was July 17, 2018 when I began to write about this album as a separate CD review and the people of the city of Helsinki need to hear the music on this album to get their minds off of what happened in their city the day before as President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Politics aside, I think for Finns, music is one sanctuary they can go to when times get tough and certainly for me, Children of Bodom have been a source of entertainment since 1999. Even if they are not as good as other death metal bands, they are still good enough musically. One example of this goodness is the song Hellhounds on My Trail which showcases the band’s aggressive musicality as they are ready to bring fans perhaps their most hard hitting album yet that is not of the neoclassical death metal style.

The Album Title is Unusual

Another comment I’d like to make about the album is that the title is a bit odd even for a melodic death metal band. Maybe they were trying to poke fun at the idea of being drunk.

One Big Weakness About the Band Children of Bodom

However, one BIG weakness that Children of Bodom encountered in 2008 is relying primarily on lyrics that deal with getting even with others through the worst ways possible. That will not win them too many fans in the long run. There is also a reliance on extra rough grooves such as in the song called Tie My Rope. The song Banned from Heaven has a decent groove to it. This slow song is about a person that feels that they are so lost in their deranged mind and emotions that they will be banned from entry into heaven. If the band wants to improve their standing as a band and impress their fans, they should also consider changing their lyrical content a bit as well. Their lyrics should focus more on having fun and partying while also adding the catchy riffs that made them awesome early in their career.

2008 Was the Weakest Year for Children of Bodom At First

Unfortunately, 2008 was the weakest year musically for Children of Bodom as a death metal band. So there is the explanation of how they changed their style. This style change hurt them lyrically and musically by 2008. They experienced a bit of a decline for three years and became just an average band. However, this does not mean that Blooddrunk is not a good album.

"Blooddrunk" Song Only

Children of Bodom Deserve Gratitude for Playing as a Band for So Long

Note that I first talked about this album in September 2017 so my perspective may have changed. Thanks goes out to Children of Bodom for sticking around to write death metal even after the style change. Lobodomy is a very heavy song about a serial killer whose only aim or objective is to cause as much harm as possible. By this point in their career the band lyrically has gotten to be like the band Avulsed. Still present are some of the neoclassical interlude parts and the keyboards do have a presence. One Day You Will Cry is a song about wanting to get revenge on someone that has wronged us. The song is describing a person that thinks the world is a cold, dark, and cruel place. The world is what we make it out to be and Children of Bodom’s lyrics are becoming really negative by 2008 and some of you may skip this album because of that. Smile Pretty for the Devil is a song about what happens when we live life dangerously.

"Banned from Heaven"

Final Thoughts About the Album Blooddrunk

Overall, "Blooddrunk" is still the weakest album by Children of Bodom but the album still has respectable songwriting without totally abandoning their roots and the strongest songs are the title track, Banned from Heaven and Lobodomy. Before we close the analysis on this controversial album, let me say that do not think that drinking will release the pain you might be experiencing. Alcohol is only a way to numb personal pain and it is not a cure for the situation. The title track is the first standout track on this album. Roadkill Morning is the song that ends this album and lyrically it is similar to the title track but it has slightly more symphonic elements in it.

Final Grade for the Album Blooddrunk: 78 out of 100 points for a solid C.

"Roadkill Morning"

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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