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Chill music

Updated on February 15, 2010

The world is getting faster and more hectic everyday. It seems that even though there are more time saving devices than ever, we still don't have enough time to ourselves. It seems as this world gets faster and louder some forms of music are getting softer and slower. I am not talking about your grandmas cassette tapes either.

Chill music is a broad group ranging from different genres, but the chill music I am targeting a bit closer in this article is the surfer/songwriter type artists. These are the guys who live a chill lifestyle and like to take it slow. You can feel how relaxing they like their lives to be in their music. I am going to highlight just a few artists that would fall into the "chill" category.

The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Girls is a band out of Austrailia. Austrailia seems to pump out alot of relaxing tunes. Part of the reason may be the high number of beaches in Austrailia. Austrailia has brought us some of the best surfer/songwriters in the world. This is the case with The Beautiful Girls, some of their music was literally written on the beach between surfs. You see how the relaxation can flow from their music as they write overlooking the ocean. Here is a video of The Beautiful Girls... check it out.


Dispatch is no longer together and these guys have split up and done their own thing, but they had an awesome sound that was hard to categorize. Dispatch was also very involved in non-profit organizations and helping out the world through their music. Have a listen.

Donavon Frankenreiter

Donavon Frankenreiter is a pro surfer and has traveled the world. You can get a sense for the person he has become through his music. He is very calming in his music and you can tell he is probably a genuine person at heart just from listening to his songs. 

Well there are just three to check out. Hope you like them, also add any other artists that you think are similar down in the comments section.



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