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Chloe victoria Mafia X Factor 2010 Part 2 The makeover/make under Chloe Victoria Heald

Updated on December 12, 2010

Chloe Mafia the MakeUNDER!!

X Factors controversial bad girl Chloe Maffia has had a complete make-over or a make-under which she is completely transformed and looks a million miles away from the girl we have seen on our Tv screens and newspapers.

Chloe, who is a single mum, has had the horrendous eyelashes and excessive make up removed and has been given a great new look.

Chloe told Now magazine after seeing herself. "It's amazing!" "It doesn't even look like me - in a good way! That's proper mad, innit. I can't believe it."

Chloe could well of done with this image when she auditioned for the X Factor maybe she would of been taken more seriously.But as i believe it she was only on the show because of her original image and the stories surrounding including alleged prostitution and Drug taking.

The prostitution claims have been denied many times by Chloe and her interview on GMTV can be seen in the video below where she comes across as being sincere but at the same time denies prostitution but does admit to erotic dancing for cash!!

Chloe done her Make under for Now Magazine and its great that she is getting some positive publicity and making a little money in a safer environment and in a way her family and Daughter can be proud.

Chloe Mafia is Young Girl and not the first to erotically dance for men to make ends meet many women do this to help supplement their studies because its quick easy money.Maybe Chloe's previous image wasn't the best and possibly attracted trouble her way.


Chloe Dresses as she does because that's her identity after all everyone is individual and wear what they feel comfortable with. Had people not known about the allegations about the first time they saw her they probably wouldn't of batted an eyelid at her clothes!!!

But of course she could also of been hiding herself away behind all the makeup and eyelashes!! But she is young and still trying to find her true identity but looking at the two pictures the Make Under is definitely the better of the two.

Well lets hope this is the start of a new more positive beginning for Chloe Mafia, She may well of not made it any further in X Factor but the publicity has given her a platform to go on too better things and prove everyone wrong and make the public and family very proud of her!!!

Chloe Mafia Makeover or Makeunder

Chloe mafia with a toned down look
Chloe mafia with a toned down look

Chloe Mafia on GMTV clears up Prostitute claims


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