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Chloe O’Brian: Interesting Facts About Chloe O’Brian From TV Series 24

Updated on November 30, 2015

CTU agent Chloe O'Brian

If you are a fan of the famous American television series 24 which stars Kiefer Sutherland as the fearless Jack Bauer, then I bet you love the character Chloe O’Brian. We all love Jack, but we all know that Jack wouldn’t be capable of completing his missions successfully without the help of the highly intelligent Chloe O’Brian.

In this article we shall be delving into the life of Chloe and exposing certain interesting things about her that you probably never knew. If you are ready for more information about Chloe, then fasten your seatbelts as we journey into the life of the amazing and strange CTU agent Chloe O’Brian.

Interesting facts about Chloe O’Brian

  • The character Chloe O'Brian is played by American actress Mary Lynn Rajskub.
  • Chloe initially worked at CTU Washington DC before being transferred to CTU Los Angeles where she worked as an intelligence agent and analyst.
  • Chloe received her Degree in Computer Science from the University of California-Davis.
  • Chloe is exceptionally loyal to Jack more than any other character on 24. Her extraordinary loyalty to Jack stems from the fact that she trusts him and respects him a lot. Throughout the show, no one has been as loyal to Jack as Chloe has been. She doesn’t mind putting her life and career at risk just to help Jack complete his mission. I am sure that many fans of the show would agree with me that had it not been for Chloe’s loyalty to Jack, Jack wouldn’t be able to complete most of his missions. Chloe would do anything for Jack – no matter how crazy or silly or dangerous Jack’s request is. A good example of Chloe's exceptional loyalty to Jack was in Season 4 of the show when she put her career at risk by continuing to give help to Jack, who at that time had been fired from CTU by CTU Director Erin Driscoll. Even though Chloe was aware of the grave risk involved in going behind Driscoll's back to help Jack, she went ahead and helped Jack. Driscoll eventually found out what Chloe was doing and had her detained before going on to fire her. As a result of Chloe’s loyalty to Jack, he trusts her more than any one at CTU. Chloe remained loyal to Jack from the beginning to the end.
  • Chloe was Jack’s best friend. Because of the nature of Jack’s work, he had no real friends. However, he considered Chloe his best friend. He told her she was his best friend when he traded himself for her after she was captured by a group of Russians during the last episode of the show. He even went on to tell her to look after his daughter Kim since he knew he wasn’t going to come back. Personally, I think that was the most touching moment on the show.
  • It is unknown if Chloe had any romantic feelings for Jack.
  • Chloe first appeared on 24 in the show’s third season. She later went on to appear on approximately 137 episodes of 24 making her appear on more episodes than any other character on 24 with the exception of the show’s star Jack Bauer who was seen in all of the show’s 204 episodes. Her close relationship with Jack and the love fans had for her were obviously the reasons why she lasted that long on the show.
  • Despite Chloe's hot temperedness and cold attitude towards her colleagues, deep down within her she is a good person and really cares for her friends and tries to be there for them whenever they need her help. A good example of Chloe being there for her friends when they need her is the numerous risks she frequently undertakes to help Jack. Another example of Chloe being a true friend was in Season 3 of the show when she helped her friend and fellow CTU colleague Chase Edmunds take care of his young daughter after the baby was abandoned by its mother. She even went as far as bringing the baby to CTU and passing the child as hers in other to keep Chase's girlfriend Kim from knowing the child belonged to Chase.

Chloe O’Brian shooting a weapon

  • Not only is Chloe intelligent and extremely skilled with computers but she also has some good skills with weapons. For example, in Season 4, Chloe showed us her brilliant shooting skills for the first time when she shot and killed a hitman who attempted killing her together with an informant named Nabilla Al-Jamil. That was Chloe’s only kill throughout the entire show. After shooting and killing the hitman, Chloe told Edgar that she hoped she wasn’t some kind of psychopath since she didn’t feel anything after killing the man.

Chloe defending herself and a witness from being killed by a hitman.
Chloe defending herself and a witness from being killed by a hitman.

More interesting stuff about Chloe

  • One of the obvious characteristics of Chloe is her unfriendliness. She is extremely cranky and short with everyone that comes her way – whether her best friends or strangers. She doesn’t care who you are – she is even short with her superiors. The thing with Chloe’s unfriendliness and rudeness is the fact that it is sometimes very hilarious. That’s what makes Chloe such an interesting character. She is blunt and rude in an interesting way.
  • Chloe rarely smiles. One of the only few times Chloe was seen genuinely smiling was in the picture she took with her close friend and colleague Edgar Stiles.
  • The deepest emotional response Chloe ever showed was when she watched her friend Edgar die right in front of her at CTU after he was exposed to a deadly nerve gas.
  • Chloe was named by AOL as well as other publications as one of the most memorable female TV characters of all time. How can you forget the character Chloe? It’s absolutely impossible to forget her!
  • Chloe is a nerd. There is no two ways about that. But she’s an extremely cool nerd. She is considered one of the best TV nerds of all time.
  • Chloe did not appear in the TV prequel of 24 entitled 24: Redemption.
  • Chloe is very impatient and often irritates her colleagues with her impatience. For example, in Season 4, her co-worker Sarah Gavin confronted her over her impatience and asked her why she was so impatient with everybody. Chloe replied by saying: "Not everybody, just you".
  • Throughout the show, Chloe had three love interests, namely Spenser Wolf, Milo Pressman and her ex-husband and husband Morris O'Brian.
  • No fan of the show knew that Chloe was married and had been divorced until the tail end of Season 5 when it was revealed that she was once married to a man named Morris O’Brian. Many fans of the show were extremely surprised and shocked to hear this news.
  • Chloe and her husband Morris O'Brian had a son named Prescott O'Brian. Both Morris and Prescott were killed in a road accident. She believed the accident was no accident and that it was an assassination attempt on her.
  • Chloe had a brother-in-law named Timothy O’Brian.
  • Having been a loyal CTU agent for several years, Chloe was eventually promoted to the position of Acting Director of CTU in Season 8 of the show.
  • Have you heard of Project CHLOE? If you haven’t, then you should know that in real life the Department of Homeland Security has a cutting edge surveillance technology called Project CHLOE. This surveillance program was created in order to help protect airlines from terrorist attacks. According to Michael Chertoff, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary, the program was named after Chloe O'Brian because 24 happened to be his favorite TV show.
  • After loyally serving the US government for several years, Chloe was betrayed by the government. The betrayal made her to join a group of hackers in London who made it their job to expose top government secrets. As a result of this, Chloe ended up becoming a cyber terrorist.

Do you have any other interesting fact about Chloe?

Do you know of any other facts or interesting things about Chloe O’Brian that you think would be of interest to fans of the show? If you do, then feel free to share them with us.

Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian had a special relationship. Do you think Chloe had romantic feelings for Jack?

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