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Choose Your News to Appease Your Bias

Updated on November 13, 2016

Like all great societies that millions flee to for a better life, the America, is not a perfect place by any means. Foreign TV can easily slant their audience by selecting isolated events with news clips taken out of context creating anti-American attitudes. If you continue to feed the audience a steady diet of negative stories, they will believe all America is like that.

The 2016 Presidential election really was the worst of American politics to show not only Americans but to the world. It showed a divided country wanting change but not knowing which way it should go. Millions thought Bernie Sanders was the way of change and gave Clinton serious concern. Others thought Clinton was the right choice for it was not too extreme as Sanders' belief was. Then, there was Trump. The ultra rich man who had gamed the system all his life in real estate. He was not looking to get rich, he already is. He was a Democrat gone Republican, or quasi-Republican. Many thought he was the right choice and was elected but not by the popular vote.

The campaign revealed just how biased the media is, which is why if you were a progressive or to the left, liberal, you never listened to Fox News. You listened only to MSNBC or CNN. If you were on the right, conservative, your only real choice was Fox News. The news media in general painted Trump mostly in negative light, he could do few things right. Of course, Trump shot himself in the foot many times but he is a real independent person not afraid to say things as they are. The divide in America is between rural and urban centers, racial issues are secondary. Those in rural areas are generally blue collar and live at the lower economic ladder. But, right wing populism is spreading across Europe because of the huge influx of immigrants that are not white. It's not just in America where it is happening.

During the campaign, news was seldom balanced. The only way to get it was to surf channels between CNN, Fox, and PBS. Only then might you be able to discern the truth. The problem with just listening to a news source that fosters and supports your political views is that it misleads you. It may anger you enough to protest in the streets after the election because you are a loser and in fear. The election proved that even the polling of voters was so off. One cannot believe the polls. None of the polls showed Trump could win. Many of the news outlets were obvious about their bias in how they slanted the reporting of an event.

In the end, the voters on either simply chose to ignore the news reporting that did not support their political views. I listened to MSNBC many times and found that the anti-Trump reporting was way excessive when compared to CNN or PBS. There were pro-Clinton reporters at CNN, but MSNBC was was blatant. PBS managed to report just the facts without much innuendo. On FOX, it was quite obvious Sean Hannity was a Trump cheerleader, too much for me. Bill O'Reilly was more balanced than him sure, and he tried to be fair. Megan Kelly followed his lead. They both tried to keep out their biases.

Overall, the news media was more pro-Clinton. They generally seldom covered the Email scandal in depth, or , Clinton Foundation anomalies. The Wiki-leaks were nearly 100% anti-Clinton, if there were anti-Trump leaks, I must have missed them. The media was incensed with Trump's language, sex tape, tax return, temper. The pro-Clinton media could not talk about anything else. The pro-Trump media hammered on the Email and Clinton foundation daily like a steady drum beat.

The only lesson that can be learned is that one should listen to both sides of the media, otherwise, you are going to be brainwashed.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 16 months ago

      Especially the Trump presidency.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 16 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      There used to be this thing called The Fairness Doctrine. It said, because the airways belong to the people, those who broadcast news had to give equal time to both sides of an argument. It was done away with by Bush II on the premise that there were so many venues for getting the news, people could hear both sides if they went looking for them. Guess what? They don't. People today not only choose the side of the argument they prefer, they even choose the facts they prefer (or lack thereof.) That is why, today, people are so convinced that what they believe is right, absolutely right, and everybody else is wrong - possibly evil. They never look for, or even listen to, any opinions but their own.