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Chris Nolan Director of Blockbusters

Updated on March 7, 2015

Chris Nolan was born on the 30 July 1970, London, Britain, as a young child Nolan would regularly travel between Chicago and London. His mother was American and his father was British which meant he has dual nationality. While growing up Nolan’s interest in films was sparked when his father allowed him to use his 8mm to make his own movies at home. At the age of eighteen Nolan enrolled at the University College of London to study English Literature. During his time at UCL he joined the film society school, and created short films called like the Tarantula, Larceny and Doodlebug. By using a 16mmm camera he began to learn about guerrilla film techniques.


In 1998, he first directed the film Following, about a lonely writer who becomes obsessed by following strangers and eventually teams up with a burglar. Nolan directed the film on a small budget and decided to shoot the film in black and white. His second film was Memento, starring Guy Peace a dark psychological thriller tells the story of a man with amnesia, who, whilst taking pictures and endlessly writing notes seeks to avenge anyone he believes is his wife’s murderer. Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan wrote a short story ‘Momento Moir’ which had been adapted for the film. The success of Memento earned two Oscar awards for both screenplay and editing. Nolan’s next film was Insomnia in which the main character played by Al Pacino, investigates a mysterious murder in Alaska while trying to cope with his guilty past. Continuing with psychological thrillers, Batman Begins was a reboot version of the comic hero. Christian Bale was cast in the lead role of the caped crusader. Unlike like previous film directors who brought a slightly comic edge to the character, the Nolan new film was much darker in comparison. However the film proved a huge success with cinema audiences, earning 372 million dollars at the box office. In 2006, Prestige was his next film about two magicians whose competition with each other ends in disaster. Again Nolan included an all star cast of actors in the main roles Bale, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson. Building on the success of the first Batman film, Nolan released his next film Dark Knight starring Heath Ledger and Bale. The film became one of the highest earning films in American cinema history, with Heath winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his role. Tragically Heath was found dead from an overdose of the drug‘s which was prescribed to him, just before the film‘s release. Nolan accepted both the Golden Globe and the Oscar on his behalf at the awards ceremony.

In 2010, Nolan directed his next film Inception a science fiction thriller which starred Leonardo DiCaprio as a man who can enter into people’s dreams. The film received high acclaim by critics and earned 800 million dollars worldwide. Nominated for eight academy awards, the film won four awards at the Oscars for screenplay and best film. Last year Nolan finished the Batman trilogy with his long awaited Batman film Dark Knight Rises. Another box office hit with cinema audiences, making Nolan one of the most well-known directors in Hollywood. Now one of the most sought after directors, Warner Brothers asked Nolan to direct Man of Steel the new Superman film.


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