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Christian Rock Music, Can this music really be heaven sent?

Updated on February 28, 2012
It was a cold winter day,in the early 80's.Myself and a few friends were playing a round of foosball at a church winter retreat.When someone suggested we check out this new cassette they had brought.With in seconds of clicking play the room was filled with a haunting keyboard sound and loud guitar as a vocalist belted out "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic". I stood there completely in love with what I was hearing.But knew soon we would be told to turn it off, being we were at a church function.That when to my surprise I was informed this was a "CHRISTIAN BAND".At that moment I was overjoyed that I finally had good music to listen to. Soon after that day I begin to collectic a library of my own,full of music knowing as Christian Rock.I grew to love bands like Stryper,Whiteheart,Barren Cross and so on,but with this new found joy came a unexpected problem.Many of the Pastor and Churches were claiming that this music I loved could not be "Of God"

Battle Hymn Of The Republic-By Stryper

Which brings us to the title of this blog" Christian Rock,Can this music really be Heaven Sent?" I will try and attempt to answer this question.Let me start by saying first I believe that music is more personal taste then anything else.There is good and bad in all genres be it country,rap,rock or what have you.With this said I feel that the lyrics are more important then the style of music they're put to.If music is going to call itself christian it should contain certain elements that it counter part doesn't.First it should be music that anyone can listen to in other words it shouldn't contain words that you wouldn't allow young children to listen,although some topic maybe more for adults overall the lyrics should be rated PG.I mean lets face it there are parts of the Bible that would be rough to give a G rating to some parts may even be rated R,but more so for subject matter then language.So I feel Christian music should be the same.Second I think that even if a song is about hardship or the struggles of the christian life that the overall picture should be uplifting.A listener should walk away feeling positive and not negative.The Bible tells us that we have "the good news" for the world so Christian music should reflect that.Lastly in my opinion the artist of Christian music should be a example of how a Christian lifestyle should be lived.Please don't get me wrong I believe that you can grow your hair to your knee's and still be a child of God or sport the latest fashion trends,But they way you live should be an example of what a Christian should be Loving, Humble, Kind, Forgiving and all the other things the Bible ask us to strive to be like.If these things are in place I find it hard to say that this music can't be heaven sent.I know that in my life Christian Rock has been more then a blessing.For those who disagree you have a right to feel that way and I will not judge you for it or hold it against you.


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