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Christmas And Chill Review| Ariana Grande

Updated on December 17, 2015

We all know that Ariana Grande has launched into pop stardom with the ferocity of a thousand stars, but between wrapping up her Honeymoon Tour and finishing up her third studio album, she has managed to deliver some amazing relaxing tracks for some laid back Christmas tunes. Something to tuck you in on a cold winter night. Here's a review on album, hopefully this makes you want to listen to the relatively costless new ep.


It would not be an Ep. without Ariana's Intros to wrap it all together. A short 1 minute and 6 seconds of a reverbed Christmas beat. This just serves as a welcome to her Christmas songs, taking you on a little journey of her recording process, and it really resembles the intro in 'My Everything' with stacked vocals.

Wit It This Christmas

The first actual track on the album features some questionable lyrics and really incorporates the sound of the Ep. With lyrics like " Are you down for some of these milk and cookies" and "I'm the only drum that you're gonna play" you can understand what Ariana is aiming towards. She has outgrown her stifling Nickelodeon crowd, and she is reveling in the light innuendos through the Ep. It goes to show that she loves to please her fans, and have fun with her music. In all, I'm definitely with these five songs to put me into the Christmas mood and maybe even some other moods.


This fun track bounces from a dark upbeat background to a rap-like breakdown and then slows down into a bit of a ballad. Ariana definitely displays that she can put down some words on a track, maybe even contending in the rap industry. The song spews confidence with lines like "Merry Christmas, here I am boy", explaining that Ariana is worth unwrapping for your holiday needs. Hopefully, this makes you want to unwrap these songs for a few bucks on iTunes.

Not Just On Christmas

This track features lullaby-like tones of the pop-singer. The soft tones are similar to the amazing track Honeymoon from her debut album 'Honeymoon'. The song mostly features harmonious ooh's and aah's with the background violin playing in the distance. Even for those who do not have love in their life, it could just be an appreciative song dedicated to anyone who you love. The melody, full of heart, is felt throughout the song, and reminds you to feel the Christmas Spirit all year round.

True Love

This R&B feel really encompasses the tone of the album. The bouncy track puts a wordplay on the "12 days of Christmas" song that plagues elementary school Christmas rhymes. Each day of Christmas the love grows stronger, which is a bonus little storyline. The track features a bouncy beat and the bells of Santa's reindeers in the background. It really puts the 'chill' into Christmas and Chill.

Winter Things

The final track on the Ep. gives the impression of a 'Christmas in California' with it's light ukulele acoustics. Throughout the track you get to hear a pure sounding Ariana without production which is definitely refreshing. The song comes with the idea that you don't need summer loving when you and your significant other can do some cozy 'Winter Things'.


Overall, Ariana Grande is developing a specific style, and definitely carving her name into music. At first, the world wondered which way she would take her music. Now she has a reputable current urban feel, delivering amazing vocals with relaxed vibes. This new ep. just sends out chill vibes and makes Ariana feel very relatable with her fans and she definitely is not sending out anything she would not be proud of.

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