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Christopher Martin ~ ‘All That Matters’

Updated on June 11, 2020
Actor/Media Personality & M.C., Christopher Martin
Actor/Media Personality & M.C., Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is the Atlanta based actor, radio show host and M.C. who has been carving a name for himself in a city that has now become second only to Hollywood in TV and film productions.

With a new film now streaming on Amazon Prime, TCM, and Vimeo on Demand, Martin is ready to step into his destiny as a Hollywood working actor.

To date Martin is most notably known for his role as Lil’ Jordan's dad in the Will Packer hit movie, ‘Little’. A signature accomplishment for someone who is a veteran in the entertainment industry.

In June of 2020 he enjoyed seeing the major release of his first leading man role in the film, ‘All That Matters’ where his character, Jay, is an insurance adjustor looking to change his surroundings and has to make a hard choice to do so.

‘All That Matters’ has been released on multiple digital platforms including, Amazon Prime,Turner Classic Movies, and Vimeo On Demand.

Martin’s additional credits include ‘House of Payne’, ‘Waiting Room:The Story of Nadia’, ‘Homicide Hunter’ and ‘ATL Homicide’, and the actor is represented by ATL based BYSB Talent Agency.

A former college football athlete at Kansas State University, Martin stumbled upon acting as well as radio and television broadcasting, where he decided to focus professionally in the visual and performing arts.

He has carved out a highly successful career as a television host, live event host, sports anchor, “terrestrial” radio station disc jockey, brand ambassador and influencer.

Christopher moved to Atlanta, dubbed as the “Hollywood of the South”, in 2009 and has basked in all it has to offer in the world of showbusiness.

I recently interviewed Martin about his career and new film, ‘All That Matters’

Martin’s New Film is, “All That Matters”
Martin’s New Film is, “All That Matters”

Q&A with Christopher

RW) Christopher, you are an Atlanta based actor on the brink of “breakthrough” status with some of your recent work. Tell us what’s it like being a working actor under the “radar” sorta speak, in Atlanta?

CM) It is absolutely amazing to be living in Atlanta as well being an actor and host thriving in the Hollywood of The South. I had the good fortune of being in Will Packer's major motion picture LITTLE along with the film ALL THAT MATTERS coming out soon and these two productions helped my career break through to a new level. Landing other television network roles has aided in the "radar" being honed in my direction and that is what any working actor wants...more opportunities to express their passion in movies, film, television and theater.

RW) Where did you grow up, and when did you realize that acting was going to be your career pursuit?

CM) I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Love Texas. Growing up all I wanted to be was a lawyer and that was after a nice football career with the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Oilers of the NFL. I was well on my way to accomplishing that too. I got a full academic-football scholarship to Kansas State University out of high school. I was a football stud from Duncanville High School in Duncanville, TX. My first semester as a Freshman I proudly took Political Science 101...poliSci as I remember. I promptly got an F and realized my life long dream of being a lawyer was over. I had a few more "academic woes" my first semester which meant I had to take some classes I could pass in the Spring semester to help the old GPA out. I vividly remember seeing IMPROVISATION 1, ACTING 1, THEATRE 1 and INTRO INTO MASS COMMUNICATIONS. I read what they entailed and was like...I can pass these. And what turned out as some classes to help my GPA turned into my passion and profession.

RW) Did you go to school for Theater and performing Arts, or was this something that just caught your attention?

CM) Even though I took those initial acting classes and one more in my time at Kansas State, I haven't taken any since those legendary college days back in the late 80's- early 90s. One of those reasons is I started out in the entertainment business on the broadcast side. I was a Sports Anchor for a tv station on the local news and from there moved into radio as a dee jay for a major radio station in St. Louis, MO. So when I got back into acting and really pursued it I was used to "performing", remembering dialogue, being on set, and being a "ham". I just used all that in my acting, hasn't worked out to bad thus far.

RW) Who were some of your favorite actors you watched in movies and on TV as a kid coming up?

CM) I have always loved comedy as well funny movies/tv shows. So the actors I loved growing up were some amazing comics also. I loved watching Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy movies. Yes, I had to sneak into a few of them!! To be honest Richard Pryor had quite a few serious/dramatic roles and nailed them. He had range. I also enjoyed Burt Reynolds too, he always came across as cool.The guy who held my attention on tv as a kid was George Jefferson played by the late great Sherman Hemsley. I wanted to be him, because he was always talking smack and was a strong black male figure on tv. The Jeffersons was a great show.

RW) Who is the one Male actor, and one Female actor, that you would most like to co-star with in a film or series, and why?

CM) This one is relatively easy, while there are many actors that I would love to co-star with only one is at the top of the list...Denzel Washington. His movies inspired me on so many levels to go after this acting thing. To watch him transform into other people made me want to do the same thing. I would love being across from him scene after scene chopping dialogue in a movie. It would be a dream come true.The actress would be Halle Berry...Halle Berry...Hall-ee Berry. Outside of her beauty, she has a way about her in movies that is box-office must see. I would cherish the chance to match that energy with her in one scene or 100. Just give me lines and say action.

RW) You have a very special movie about to premiere soon. What is the film, what role do you play, and how did you get the role? When does it come out and how can I readers see it?

CM) I am very happy to announce that the film ALL THAT MATTERS will be released on many different platforms on June 2nd, 2020. And if you are wondering why I am so happy, then wonder no more...I am starring as the leading man of this film, that centers around my character JAY. He is stuck in his insurance adjustor job, but has dreams of doing something else with his life. In his quest to do that obstacles/people come up that have him wondering if he should help others fulfill their ambitions while putting his on the back burner. Along this journey he finds out what really matters in life. I got this role from Director/Producer/Writer/Actor Al Robbins. I had a supporting role in a film of his about 8 or 9 years ago THE NEXT DAY and we formed a bond instantly. Fast forward to 2018 Al calls me and says he has a movie he has written and wants me to be the leading man. No audition of any kind. We do a table read, the next thing I know we are shooting a movie! This experience reminds me of two things that I have found to be true: its not always WHAT you know but WHO you know and NEVER burn a bridge in this profession or life for that matter.

RW) You are not just an actor. You have done work in front of the camera as a media personality. tell us about your involvement as such, and what other areas does your professional career extend to?

CM) Being a HOST/REPORTER is something I love!!!!! I am proud to have already established myself as a media personality before getting to Atlanta and acting taking off. The doors it has opened up have been immense. I have had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Pop Culture, Music and Sports. All the events, red carpets, movie premieres and award shows I have covered have given me a unique look into entertainment from so many performers perspective. The partying at those things ain't bad either. I am also an event curator/brand ambassador for SILENCE ACTIVATIONS, a silent headphone company. Check us out at I also host and emcee for various other entertainment companies in and around the ATL when I am not on set. My nickname is #TheFashionPlate, got it back in college. I work with various designers and clothing lines as well doing promos, commercials and branding.

RW) What’s your 5 year and out plan as an actor Chris? Black Panther 2 as his long lost brother?

CM) Black Panther 3 starring Christopher Martin??? They may have to call it GRAY PANTHER!

In five years I want to be a recurring actor on a major network tv show and hosting my own talk show on a major platform. I have had these ambitions filled on a certain level and at various times on this life journey. In 5 years I want to be more embedded in the culture of entertainment. I also want to continue to give back in more ways than I ever thought possible. helping my fellow man will always be apart of the blueprint for me whether it’s 5,10, or 15 years from now.

RW) Where can our readers find you on social media Chris?

CM) Here are my social media links:

Instagram @cmartinatlp

Twitter @cmartinatlp

Facebook FB Like




RW) I never like to close out these interviews with asking this: You have been asked to give the ZOOM (because we are in this Pandemic with COVID-19) Commencement Speech for the Class of 2020, say the graduating class from the School of performing Arts specifically, what would you say to those young people about to start their careers in this uncertain business you are now finding success in?

CM) Great question because Marty Mar Love Da Kids...I would tell them as they look to get into the entertainment world or show business. DO NOT compromise your morals, ethics, standards or scruples. It is YOU that has to stare back at YOU everyday in the mirror. So don't be money hungry or even worse these days FAME hungry that it will have you doing something(s) you will regret. Be you. If you be you long enough, they will pay you to be you. Also nothing comes without work and more often than not hard work. If you are lazy or want to take shortcuts your journey may be paved with more potholes than you may be able to handle. The ways of the world have a way rewarding those who put in the work. Lastly, be careful how you treat people...the same people you see going up the ladder are the same one's you will see going down the ladder. Be kind. Be respectful. Be strong...and there is nothing wrong with doing right. Ya Dig?


Thanks to you Christopher Martin. This has been a pleasure for me, and I know we will be seeing you much more of you in the coming months and years on the Big and Little screens. Continued Blessings!

About: All That Matters


All That Matters is about an insurance adjuster who wants to be a travel blogger. His conservative girlfriend wants him to keep his stable job. He meets a bohemian woman who supports his dreams. "Jay" has a decision to make: Live his dream or help someone else live theirs. Written by Alfred Robbins

Martin pictured here with co-stars from ‘All That Matters’ Monyetta Shaw and Pamela Ricardo.
Martin pictured here with co-stars from ‘All That Matters’ Monyetta Shaw and Pamela Ricardo.
Martin played Lil’ Jordan’s dad in the hit movie, ‘Little’ with “Black-ish’s Maasai Martin.
Martin played Lil’ Jordan’s dad in the hit movie, ‘Little’ with “Black-ish’s Maasai Martin.

Be careful how you treat people...the same people you see going up the ladder, are the same one’s you will see going down that ladder”.

— Christopher Martin to young students.


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    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      14 months ago from UK

      This is an interesting interview, accompanied by detailed background notes.


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