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Christopher Nolan: The Masterful Magician

Updated on October 24, 2015

Christopher Nolan: The Masterful Magician

Christopher Nolan is a visionary director that’s created works that are treats to the eyes. The complex storytelling and amazing use of characters is why Christopher has a name for his fans. “Nolanites” are fans of Nolan that go beyond what average fanboys do. They mock Nolan haters and even send hateful death threats. Though does Nolan really deserve the credit that he does? Well, if you’re a fan of his like me…you might want to read this.

Nolan has always been a director of great storytelling that’s matched the like the Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. However, he does it with a magician like film style. I haven’t seen all of his film, so this article doesn’t refer to all of his movies. Though I’ve seen the most popular ones and a majority of his films. His filmmaking and technique is a very complicated process. While he hides his weaknesses as strengths as he throws complex plots in his otherwise average movie plot. This isn’t true for all of them but a good majority. What do I mean? Well you can break down most of his films by his little techniques. His smart style easily confuses people like that of Inception.


Inception as a whole isn’t really that smart of a movie. It’s nothing something that’ll blow your mind. These statements are true if you take into account that’s your mind. Firstly, your mind is a complicated place with doors that some might not want to open. If you open them then you might find things that are interesting. Well, Nolan disguises his weakness of a story by making you look in a different direction. The story of Inception isn’t really that complicated. A man needs to get back to his family, he takes a job, and then he succeeds. Though that plot is masked by a mind trip inside of the brain of a billionaire to try and plant an idea. His idea of bending the world to the will of the controller makes it an interesting tale. However, Nolan says “look over her” and not to pay attention to his little mistakes. If it’s in a dream then why can’t they do anything? They live inside the head of their own body. The mind is an endless with end corridors. They should be able to do whatever they want whenever they want. Also why is it that there’s people trying to kill them? I know its projections in your body that are rejecting each other but why. It’s your own mind, so why can’t you just erase them by simply telling yourself these people are good?


This is one of the most magically movies of all time. The story again is a simple premise that’s easy explained. It’s a man that has short term memory and consistently searches for his wife’s killer even though he’s already captured. Though Nolan shows you the movie in a backwards linear timelines. Also the short term memory allows the audience to only get a little snippet of the actually story. Making the audience rely only on the information he gives you. It’s a craft that’s flashy with no real great substance. The story is simple but people keep trying to debate it. The main character, Leonard Shelby, killed his wife he had short term memory lost. His wife thought that he was kidding, so she accidently had him kill her to try and prove he was lying. He then went with his good friend to try and find a killer that doesn’t exist. That little snippet of him in the mental isn’t a trick or plot which one might think. He disguised it as a strength but it is really a weakness.


This by far his most “look over here” type of filmmaking and it’s ironic too. The man shows all of his weaknesses. Telsa would never make a machine for magician as he was a very confined man. Also the actor in the movie seemed to be a lot older. Though you don’t care as he makes this amazing machine that copies people. Though you find out at the end that the machine not only transports you but clones you. Most people would just be amazed at that but it’s a magic trick. How does lighting transport someone or let alone clone them? Also the man character isn’t dead. He’s always in the crowds so he’s always the star. He doesn’t like it when he’s not the center of intention. Also the twists and turns will make your head spin but are also one of the most. Throughout the movie there’s a good majority of hints about these twists that make it predictable. His idea is make you look at one direction with effects that turn your attention away from the movie. This movie is irony in the fact that it’s about magicians and Nolan is a magician himself.

Next time look at each one of these movies. You’ll notice little weaknesses in the storyline that will be overpowered by great direction. This turns your attention from the main part and on something that’s amazing or interesting. His style and precision keep him in the top tier of directors today by sometimes confusing the audiences with his tricks. Though these could be negative as mistakes go unnoticed by a magic trick that pays off well. Don’t even get me started on Interstellar.

Nolan is the master magician of his craft.
Nolan is the master magician of his craft.

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