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Great Tributes to Christopher Reeve

Updated on November 26, 2013

I can't give out enough praise for two fan made trailers for Man of Steel using footage from the old Christopher Reeve films. They are as close to perfect as can be for tributes like that. I'm sure Christopher Reeve would be honored if he had the chance to see the trailers and the new film itself. The credit goes to AListProductions on YouTube for making these videos. They did a fantasic job putting these videos together.

The larger point I want to make is that these videos highlight just how big Christopher Reeve's legacy really is. It's been almost thirty years since he starred as Superman and he remains as iconic today as he was when the original film became the cultural phenomenon that it is. He is still widely regarded as THE definitive Superman despite the many incarnations of the character. 2006's tribute/sequel/reboot Superman Returns was even based on his version of Superman. The decision yielded what I still feel is a pretty good movie, but it wasn't the Superman people want to see anymore. Part of that is because it is extremely hard to fill Christopher Reeve's shoes. Brandon Routh did an admirable job but he left audiences wishing it was still Christopher Reeve flying around Metropolis. The reason why Henry Cavill's upcoming turn as Superman will be so successful is because he will be different from the Christopher Reeve Superman. I think Reeve would be happy with the decision to finally take Superman away from what he did in 1978. It's time for another legend to made on the big screen.

I wish he'd have gotten a chance to see Superman Returns and Man of Steel. I believe he would've been proud of both. These videos do a great job of connecting different generations of the character as well. Using the audio from the trailers and putting it over the footage from the old films fit seamlessly. It went so well together that it made me sort of wish that Christopher Reeve's original movie was the one coming out this summer. The fact that they fit so well together is another testament to the lasting power that Reeve's movies have on not only the superhero genre, but the film industry itself. The effects of that movie can still be felt today as fans wonder if Man of Steel will hold up to the standard set by the original film and it's equally legendary sequel.

June 14th cannot get here soon enough and these fan made trailers using footage from the original films have made me more excited to not only see the new film, but revisit the legendary originals as well.

Henry Cavill as Superman on the set of Man of Steel.
Henry Cavill as Superman on the set of Man of Steel.
Christopher Reeve as the iconic last son of krypton.
Christopher Reeve as the iconic last son of krypton.


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