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What i learned about life...

Updated on July 23, 2016

Well from 20 years and counting of my life here is what i gathered along the way and i don't think that my bag is even half full but i want to share the contents anyway so here i spill...


Its a Kaleidoscope

Each shift in life brings about a new perspective. everything is so black and white when we are little but as we grow up we learn there is so much more than a simple yes or no Not all things are as important as they appear to be. And we don't always get what we want. There are distractions, unfulfilled desires, disappointments and heartbreaks. Its a Kaleidoscope we often get lost along the way by ever changing perspective. So i learned it important to stand your ground against all odds, value your relationships, recognize priorities, and count your blessings in return we can be happy and satisfied. Just don't get carried away by the illusion.


Its Alright to Make Mistakes.

Life is not always rewarding. There are days we have to spend under umbrellas while the misery pours down. It important to learn from them. We learn more by making mistakes than avoiding them. They are the choices that make us who we are. The first step in learning from them is by accepting the reality and admitting that something went wrong and if you have a Conscience as irritating as a mosquito it will make you realize that you can never go on by leaving behind a trail of mistakes and not clearing up the mess. The thing is you always have to clear up the mess to keep your conscience at peace and its also a learning process.


Regrets Do Nothing but Bring You Down

If you don't want to be your own downfall and hold yourself back then quit regretting. I have never seen a person get anything productive out of it than being gloomy or edgy. Its something i have always wanted to preach and get people over their miseries. Its not always easy and i understand but it is us who choose to regret while we can choose to get over it. Keep the lid on your past so its foul stink wont mess up with your future. Make peace with it. Keep your conscience regret free, focus on now and onward and you can go far in life.


Take Risks While You Can

I have always been afraid that 15 or so years from now what if i sit wondering about all the chances and risks i didn't take. I don't want to end up like that. There is one life and that is all we get. Do something great before you die and do it as if you're going to die young. Do something people will remember you for, something worthy to be a reason of somebody's happiness or a reason to carry on with their lives. It is something that gives u confidence it gives you a skin with assurance that you can exist despite the harsh reality. So go for your dreams and whatever it will bring the risk will worth it.


Accept the Change, Be Flexible

Being adaptive and flexible in your approach is one of the ingredients to success. Take everything as a challenge. Don't limit yourself, get out of comfort zone that is where the life begins. To get through hardships be flexible.


We Create Our Own Karma

karma is not a bitch, its a mirror. i have experienced this and my friend i guarantee you what ever deeds you do they find a way to get back to you. Resisting is not weakness it is resting your case for something formidable.So be forgiving u will earn a heart of gold, be humble, kind and respectful. Appreciate little things with an open heart. Make people smile once in a while. Donate as much as you can. Don't ruin your time on expectations. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Make your karma beautiful and rewarding.

© 2016 izza khaliq


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