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Chuck Norris Halloween Costume Ideas - Walker Texas Ranger Costume Included - Express Shipping

Updated on February 13, 2012

Be the Man! Chuck Norris Costumes

Did you know that "Sharks have a Chuck Norris Week," and "Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding?" Or, that "Chuck Norris has played Russian Roulette with a loaded gun and won."

Of course, you want to be Chuck Norris for Halloween, did you know "Superman and Chuck Norris made a bet over who would win in a fight, the loser would have to wear their underwear over their pants!" ..there really is no reason not be Chuck Norris for Halloween other than the fear that he may find you and express his anger about your impersonation of him!

Chuck Norris, the legend, the icon has had many incarnations over the years. When selecting a Chuck Norris Costume you have to choose which form of awesomeness most speaks to you.

Some Chuck Norris Costume Ideas:

  • Chuck Norris Game of Death Costume
  • Chuck Norris Delta Force Costume
  • Chuck Norris Karate Costume
  • Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger Costume

Chuck Norris - The Reason for Halloween Costumes


Chuck Norris Costume - Game of Death
Chuck Norris Costume - Game of Death

Chuck Norris Game of Death Costume

Chuck Norris is indisputably the man right now. But if Bruce Lee was still with us, then Mr Norris would have a run for his money. Bruce Lee was working on a movie that was posthumously released as "Game of Death," An opportunity to work on the film Enter The Dragon came along, so Game of Death took a backburner position.

You may not have seen Game of Death, but you should, and pulling off the Chuck Norris outfit from this film is easily done.

Essentially, a nice chest hair wig and some karate pants will pull off the costume.

"Chuck Norris' chest hair has chest hair"

Chuck Norris Chest Hair

Chuck Norris Delta Force Costume

Delta Force is the epitome of 80's cold war propaganda films and Chuck Norris is the Patriot missile designed to destroy all terrorist threats. It may not be the best series ever created, but Chuck Norris did insert a lot of awesomeness into these films.

To be a Delta Force Commando like Chuck Norris, you just need the Special Forces jump suit, an awesome Chuck Norris Headband and possibly an appropriate prop gun or knife.

Chuck Norris Costumes - Delta Force
Chuck Norris Costumes - Delta Force
Chuck Norris Costume
Chuck Norris Costume

Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger Costume

"Chuck Norris is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man ate an Indian."

A younger crowd may only know Chuck Norris as Walker Texas Ranger. This is fine because Chuck Norris really allowed his ass kicking to shine in this role. The Walker Texas Ranger Costume is awesome, someone with a big set of cajones could probably rock this gear daily.

Walker Texas Ranger wears a cowboy hat, a long western Duster, a gun belt, cowboy boots and of course the Lone Star badge.

I have highlighted some premade Chuck Norris as Walker Texas Ranger outfits below and also some premium accessories that can be used for everyday wear or just for your Chuck Norris costume.

Chuck Norris Karate Kommando Costume

I learned about the wonder that is Chuck Norris via an 80's cartoon called "Karate Kommandos" I had all the action figures and I wore the costume as often as I was allowed.

So when I yell about the joys of chuck Norris costumes, Im like the Hair Club for Men, Im not just the president, Im also a client.


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