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Churchill Film Review

Updated on December 13, 2021
Brian Cox
Winston Churchill
Miranda Richardson
Clemmie Churchill
Julian Wadham
General Montgomery
John Slattery
Dwight Eisenhower
Richard Durden
Jan Smuts
Ella Purnell
Helen Garrett
James Purefoy
King George VI
George Anton
Admiral Ramsay

About the film

Churchill is a film which is currently being shown on Netflix. Played by Brian Cox, Churchill replays the events of 1944 and the D-Day Invasion. The film begins with Winston Churchill standing on a beach looking out to sea. The sea turns blood red as the fallen soldiers turns the ocean into what looks like a sea of blood. It is certainly a shocking start to the film and a very sobering look at the realities of war.

What we see is the affects the run up to the D-Day Invasion has on Churchill and the troubles he had with the people who worked so closely with him. There were disagreements and arguments with some of the most influential people at the time, including Field Marshall Montgomery and his wife, Clementine.

At the beginning of the film, it tells you that it is day 1736 of World War 2 with Montgomery and General Eisenhower plotting Operation Overlord, the code name that was given to the D-day operation. We often see these leaders at loggerheads about what the plans are and what to do for the best. Churchill is worried about the invasion and is concerned about the massive loss of life that may incur when the Allied250,000 troops storm onto the beaches of Normandy.

Throughout the film Churchill is often heard talking about his involvement in the last war and thinking about the men on the frontline. You often see him clashing with political figures. He battles with feelings of guilt over a similar failed assault during World War 1 and trying to get people to agree with his opinions. The film basically covers the last few days before the D-Day landings.

My Thoughts

I thought this film was fantastic. I think Brian Cox who played Churchill played an excellent part. I think he played the role of Churchill down to a tee. What I mean by this is the way he spoke, his dry wit when it comes to communicating with people and the cigar in his mouth. Generally, he got Churchill's mannerisms spot on. It even has parts in the film that made me smile. For instance, in one scene when he sits down with a drink, he says to himself, "Oh how I wish this was scotch." I think this film shows us what Churchill was like as a man, and what great determination he had to see this war through to the bitter end.

The stress Prime Minister Churchill must of been in would of been immense. And this shows - not only with his wife but with the people around him. His poor secretary gets the brunt of his sharp tongue when she spells a word wrong. But saying that, she also sees the more softer side of his personality when they are talking about the war and she tells him her fiance is on the front line. Churchill gets news for her that he is still alive, of which she is very grateful and thankful.

Undoubtedly, this film is masterfully made with Brian Cox portraying the role of Churchill perfectly. What was, indeed, a very stressful time for the then Prime Minister, we see what strain this put on him. At 69 years old at the time this happened, we see Winston Churchill as a man under a lot of pressure to try and do what was best for the troops, and the country as a whole. Miranda Richardson who plays his wife, Clemmie, stands by him and gives him support and advice.

The opening scenes to the film I found very profound. This clearly affected Churchill and sets the scene for the viewer in what is to be a dramatic and profound film to watch. I would highly recommend this film.

© 2018 Louise Powles


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