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Updated on February 4, 2012

King of Chutney Music

Sunilal Popo Bahora a.k.a Sundar Popo with his car in the old sugar canefields.
Sunilal Popo Bahora a.k.a Sundar Popo with his car in the old sugar canefields.

One of the first Chutney Music Recordings

Chutney Music

Chutney Music is to Caribbean Desis What Salsa Music is to Cubans and Puerto Ricans, Not to be confused with the condiment, Although the condiment is also encorporated into Chutney Singing competitions as a form of culinary showcase of each group's skill.

It is South Asian Indian Music originating from the Caribbean Islands. The music evolved from Singers who would sing Bhajans (Hindu religious music) in temples but it fell out of favour with the then elders and an entirely new Genre of music was born which encorporated Political and Social commentary and Love songs in it's lyrics.

Chutney music is a hybrid of Latin/African/European Pop and Indian Classical musical styles and originated from the CARICOM States of Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad.

Made popular by the "King of Chutney Music" Sundar Popo! and also Ramdiew Chaitoe and Dropatie.

Presenters Sham, Moen and another brother, Kamaluddin Mohammed further gave Chutney Music exposure on the Radio and Television Through Indian format programs a popular TV show that still exists is "Mastana Bahar"

In Trinidad there is a Chutney Soca Monarch where singers vie for the Chutney Music Crown.

In New York Chutney Artists got exposure thanks to Mohan Jaikaran and his Jamaica Me Crazy Record Label and continue to this day through World Indian Network Television WINTV and WIN Radio in Trinidad and on the Internet.

Chutney Music has become a favourite among Indo-Caribbeans in New York,Miami,London,Belize,Guyana,Jamaica,St Vincent,St Lucia,Suriname,Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Caribbean,German,Japan and Indian Diaspora.

Modern Chutney Music

Chutney Music in the 2000's

Chutney Music in Japan


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