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The Best of Chyler Leigh Movies and TV

Updated on March 31, 2011

The quirky Beauty of Chyler Leigh

Ms Chyler Leigh first caught my eye on the teen comedy "Not Another Teen Movie". She really shined with her portrayal of her geeky girl that is a diamond in the rough. It was one first movie starring role and she nailed it.

I was dissapointed that she didn't follow up with more starring movie roles. But fortunately she joined the cast of "Grey's Anatomy". Finally I can follow her misadventures as her story of the misfit sister unfolds  every episode.

Read on to see my favorite pics of her, movie and TV trailers, and more. 

Featured Film - "Not Another Teen Movie"

If you love Leigh on the TV series Grey Anatomy that you simply must watch this movie.

This is her first debut starring role as the "ugly duckling" in a spoof of the many teen movies that have fuel many adolescent fantasies.

Chyler is one of those natural beauties that don't seem to need much makeup to look great. Even with her pre-transformation super nerdy look, she stills look fantastic.

Watch for the scene where she is transformed into a sexy steamy dream girl in a red hot dress that show her delicious curves.

TV Show - "Grey's Anatomy"

Grey's Anatomy is one of the most off beat medical/romance drama to hit your TV sets.

The script writing is fantastic and shows us a realistic world where things don't always work out. It also shows us realistic characters that struggles with their own issues, always finding the way to carry on with their often imperfect lives.

More importantly these flawed characters finds courage to handle life's ups and downs and episode by episode we find ourselves applauding for it. Secretly celebrating their smallest of victories and sharing in their sadness with our empathy.

This is what a great TV series should be.


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