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We look at people who've been shattered and different as less than... What if they are more than us ...?

Updated on June 21, 2019
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Genuine movie lovers who take to the general public the movies that suits them the best.

"Glass" The Conclusion of The "Unbreakable" Trilogy

The Unbreakable trilogy, is an American superhero thriller and psychological horror film series. The films were written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The trilogy consists of Unbreakable (2000), Split (2016), and Glass (2019).

Unbreakable : The Beginning

"Unbreakable" is beautifully filmed, has very little profanity in it, and a very strange story with a great twist at the end... If you're open to try something different, give it a look.This is a much better film than anyone has ever thought it would be, and intrigues one every time they watch it. Samuel L. Jackson's role is what mainly inspires some to watch this multiple times. His character is amazing and just leaves one shake his head.

What's the Story ?

Although we usually dont reveal the story of the movies here we are doing so only because it was released in 2000 and you won't find it much interested in going back to it but it necessary to know the story if you wanna get to know about what happens in Glass.

David, a security guard, survives a fatal train accident, only to be tracked down by a man named Elijah Price, who claims that David is blessed with superhuman abilities. He learns something extraordinary about himself after this devastating accident.

What makes "Split" Amazing ?

Split is refreshingly infused with thoughtful ideas and sly suggestion, rather than gore or brutality. Split actually resembles real-world theories about the elastic limits of human possibility. There is not so much nudity in this film yet the teenagers in this movie looks pretty hot. More than anything Dissociative identity disorder plays an important role through out the film as it deals with the hero having multiple personality disorder another name of DID which is the theme of the film .

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder ?

A disorder characterised by the presence of two or more distinct personality states, previously called multiple personality disorder, is usually a reaction to trauma as a way to help a person avoid bad memories. Each personality may have a unique name, personal history and characteristics.

People from all age groups and racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds can experience this disorder. A person may feel like one or more voices are trying to take control in their head. People with DID will experience gaps in memory of every day events, personal information and trauma. Dissociative disorders most often form in children exposed to long-term physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Natural disasters and combat can also cause dissociative disorders.

What is the plot of this movie ?

Kevin, who is suffering from dissociative identity disorder and has 23 alter egos, kidnaps three teenagers. The teenagers try to escape from him in various ways. As his one personality doesn't react in the same way as the other does they even try to get help from any of his personalities. What happens to the teenagers , will they escape from him ? Is the 24th personality of Kevin a reality etcetera is the story of this psychological horror thriller movie.

Glass : The Conclusion

The third in a trilogy which began with Unbreakable, continued in Split and now reaches it's conclusion in Glass. It is the last of these sequels and definitely a good one. This movie has given equal space for both the sequels preceded before.It serve as the best made from the better parts of the ones made before.

What's the plot of this movie ?

David Dunn is happy to be a low-rent Superhero, beating up petty crooks but when out on one of his "walks" he literally bumps into Kevin Crumb. Crumb has abducted four cheerleaders and Dunn fights him to save them. Far from being pleased with Dunn the authorities consign him to a psychiatric hospital along with Crumb. The special asylum wing has a third occupant, Elijah Price, the brittle boned super-intelligent who has brooded there for years.

Dr. Ellie Staple believes that the trio are suffering from Superhero Syndrome and she tries to make themselves believe that they are not gifted with superpowers and what they believe about themselves were mere delusions.
Are those three really gifted with superpowers or it is what said by the doctor is the truth makes the rest of the film.


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