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Cirque Du Soleil

Updated on August 23, 2014

LA NOUBA: Not a circus at all......but a ballet

For a long weekend, years ago, I went to the Cirque du Soleil in Orlando, at Disney, with a friend who had invited me to go. It was wonderful and I have to recommend it to anyone and everyone! It is actually not a circus but a ballet. The whole thing from beginning to end was like a surreal experience, like a dream and how it changes abruptly from one thing to another, and from one scene to another.

There were acrobats, yes, who did daring stunts....they had very creative ways of jumping onto trampolines, using them to jump up onto "buildings" and into the windows in the buildings. I think that is one of the things that impressed me the most; their jumping abilities. A memorable scene was when the skillful little oriental girls came out, the "Diabolos," with their spools and their sticks and cord. They had two sticks and a cord attached to one end of the sticks. They would take the cord and flip the spool up high into the air and catch it back again on the way down. They would throw the spool to each other, do flips while it was still in the air, and then catch it flawlessly again. They never made a mistake. The oldest one could have been 10. It was simply amazing, to see such young girls with such expert dexterity! What talent! What intelligence! What artistry! What skill!

The man on the high wire almost fell (to his discomfort), because he was supposed to do a back flip onto the same wire (and that has to be utterly difficult to do). He did succeed, he did do it a second time. There was a lead attached to his belt which would have "caught" him dangling in mid air had he failed to step on that wire. Unfortunately, a man did die performing a stunt, once, but not at this performance. It is a very risky business.

The costumes are surreal! They are fantastic! Sometimes they emulate birds, lizards, monkeys, you name it! They push the limits of what one can do with the body in every aspect!

There was a guy who could do marvelous stunts on a regular-looking bicycle.

Yes, it did have circus aspects, but there were no animals at all in this "circus."

I have a French friend who told me that La Nouba is an African regiment of some sort, that plays drums, and that the word evolved to mean a great party-bash.....and that is really what this Cirque du Soleil was like attending a great celebration of song, dance, and acrobatics. I highly recommend it, and I really don't have the words to describe all that went on, because most of the time, many things were going on simultaneously, and it was really hard to "take everything in." It is almost like you would have to record it or buy the video to be able to really appreciate everything that was going on at the same time.

My hat is off to those little girls! You were amazing! The whole thing was amazing!

Cirque Du Soleil Diabolos - The Little Girls

Cirque Du Soleil

Beautiful Acrobatics and Dancing
Beautiful Acrobatics and Dancing

Amazing Acrobatics, Pushing The Limits Of What The Body Can Do...

Nothing On Earth Compares!

There is nothing on Earth that compares to the skill and artistry of Cirque Du Soleil! If you have not seen them in person, you are missing out! It is a whole sensory treat! The drums, the music, the lights, the special effects, the artistry of the performers! They are nothing short of EXPERTS, and they passionately put their hearts and souls into each and every performance! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Cirque Du Soleil is fantastic! See it for yourself in these tremendous videos!

Winners Of More Than 100 International Awards!


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