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Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Review

Updated on September 25, 2016

Reasons to Love It

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, directed by Adam Adamson, came out in 2012. It is A magical adventure through a young women's eyes, with performances like "Ka", that show the circus in a very inventive and thorough way. There are other performances with circus artists flying high in the sky performing awesome aerobatics. The artistry and imagination, plus the soundtrack that is unlike any other, makes this musical simply enchanting and thrilling to watch. Just like the title, it is worlds away from anything you would normally see, even at a real circus.

Official Trailer

Here's the Story

When Mia follows an aerialist down into a surreal circus underground, she searches desperately to find him after they are separated, but is distracted by the performances of others. There are points in the movie when kids might get bored (unless they are true circus fans), and some people say there isn't much of a story-line, but I believe it still makes up for not being at the actual real live circus. In a way it is a lot better than the real thing. It is one of those movies that you either like or you hate. If you are awed by crazy stunts and dancing, enjoy 3D technology with dreamlike landscapes, and like musicals, Cirque du Soleil is something you should definitely make time to watch. I know it was worth it for me.


The music soundtrack is very inspiring. Orchestrated ballads are mixed with seventies rock. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by John Lennon and Paul McCartney is probably the most famous although there are songs written by Ringo Starr and George Harrison also. Many songs popular to that generation will love to see them played out on the screen complete with a circus act. Benoit Jutras also does an amazing job producing the other music like The Eels (below).You can go to TV Movie Songs website to get a full listing.

Composed by Benoit Jutras

Other Facts

  • Eric Linz starred as Mia
  • Igor Zaripov starred as The Aerialist
  • Film premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 21, 2012. It didn't come out in the US until March 2013.
  • James Cameron acted as a producer.

About the Real Cirque du Soleil

  • Started in 1984
  • Headquarters in Montreal, Canada
  • It started out as a few street performers and is now huge theatrical/circus performances.
  • By the end of the 1990's the company had seven different productions that were performed in 22 countries.
  • There were a few other feature films before Worlds Away. Alegria was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics and Journey of Man was a huge IMax film that came out in 1999.

What is Your Opinion?

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