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Cirque du Soleil: Ova is a World of Insects

Updated on December 25, 2009

Superb but Expensive

Most know about the Cirque du Soleil performing arts and acrobatics circus. Every year there is a new theme and show that crosses the US and other parts of the world. Most of the venue stops are large urban areas similar to the San Francisco bay area, New York, Philadelphia, San Jose, Boston, Washington D.C, and Atlanta. Their costumes are renowned for their color and design, the props and stage sets are equally stunning, as are their performers.

This year's theme is Ova, or egg, which is in a world of insects. Unlike other stage acts, this is in a circus type atmosphere and large tent. Seating surrounds the stage. Sometimes, the performers will involve those in the crowd usually in the rows closest to the stage. Also, there is no dialogue in this performance except for insect sounds and mannerisms that do convey the story very well in a humorous way. The performers are first class in their amazing abilities to perform on stage wearing skillfully crafted and dazzling insect costumes that mimic their insects. The best are the grasshoppers, which act and look like the insect complete with jerky head motions. The ladybug and fly steal the show in their interactions and humor as the fly falls in love with the ladybug, which is a daffy, cute, funny actress that reminds one of Tinker Bell or Goldie Hawn. The fly is quite hilarious, although, oddly, his costume does not include wings. The spiders are contortionists professionals that will simply shock you as they seem to bend their bodies in any configuration. The frogs are equally amazing as they bounce up against a wall at least 50 ft high, landing on their backs and seemingly run up the vertical wall. The performers are amazing gymnasts and may be ex-Olympians.

The show runs two hours and 15 min with a 30 minute intermission. Like a good movie, you never notice it and it moves quickly. The only disappointment is an unclear connection to the Ova, a huge egg that is carried onto the stage at the start, that the rest of the act follows. It is a nagging disconnect of sorts. It would've been better had the insects appeared from the egg. Instead, the egg, vanishes and the new insects appear.

The other negatives are the costs. This is not for those on a tight budget. Some might think it is for a rich man's pleasure. First, seating is in a circle, so do not buy the cheapest tickets which will put you in the 205 and 206 sections (category 3), which have the viewer seeing the rear of the performances most of the time. It is a total waste to buy these. Buying tickets for any of the other categories is fine and worth the higher cost.

The Cost

Parking is $20, which is a great rip off, up 50% from last year's performance. During the weekday, prices for category two sections range from $85 for adults, $60 for under 12, and $76 for seniors and students. For category three, the sections that are nearly in the rear of the stage (not recommended at all), Adults are $60, Under 12 are $42, seniors\students are $54. Sitting in category one is not worth the extra costs nor is sitting in the premium seating right in front for $125 for adults! If you must go on weekends, add another $5 to each ticket.


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