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City Hunter-The Best Korean Action Drama Series

Updated on December 29, 2016

City Hunter

City Hunter is a S. Korean action drama based on a Japanese manga series. This drama is a big hit in S. Korea, also very popular among viewers in Asia and many other places around the world. Frankly speaking, before City Hunter I wasn't even interested in Lee Min Ho, let alone be his fan. He rose to stardom thanks to the loveable character he portrayed in “Boys over Flowers”, where he plays the leader of F4, Goo Jun Pyo. Only, that drama failed to capture my attention initially. At the time, I was too captivated by “The return of Iljimae” – my pick of the best historic mini drama series to this day, starring Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho’s best friend. Back then, I could care less about a rich and spoiled “Flower Boy” no matter how attractive he appears to be.

City Hunter, however, completely changes my view on Lee Min Ho. Through this drama, Lee exhibits a different side of him, candid, upright, heroic, complicated and emotional. He proves himself to be much more than just a pretty face, a perfect figure, but an extremely talented actor, young, yet mature, hardworking, and full of charisma.

Lee Min Ho

Here is the Story of City Hunter

In 1983, the South Korean president and his delegates are visiting Burma when a bomb planted by North Korean agents explodes, killing some high-ranking officials. This historical event is called the Rangoon bombing (also known as the Rangoon incident). To strike back, five South Korean officials plan a covert operation, codenamed "Clean Sweep." 21 special-force combatants are sent to North Korea to assassin several top members of the North's high command. Lee Jin-pyo and Park Moo-yul, two Presidential Security Service bodyguards and best friends who were present at the bombing, organize the mission.

Despite of the success of the operation, the five S. Korean Top Officials decide to sacrifice the 21-man in exchange for the US nuclear protection. Park is killed while trying to save Lee’s life. As the sole survivor, Lee Jin-Pyo returns to S. Korean, kidnaps Park’s newborn son and flees to the Golden Triangle to raise the child as his own and trains the boy intensively in combat. He named the boy Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min-ho). The boy grows into a fine young man. However, he despises violence, and harbors little detestation in his heart.

Story continues

Following an attack on a village they are living in, Lee Jin-pyo loses a foot while saving Yoon-Sung from a landmine. He reveals to Yoon-Sung the truth about his birth father’s death, and vows to avenge upon the five government officials responsible for the massacre of 20 combatants.

Seven years later, after successfully finishing his college years and attaining a doctorate in the United States at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yoon-sung returns to South Korea to fulfill his surrogate father's plan for revenge. He enters the Blue House as an IT expert under the National Communication Network Team, and constantly, he is reminded not to trust anyone and never fall in love, as doing so will put the people around him in peril.

While working at the Blue House, Yoon-sung meets and falls in love with bodyguard Kim Na-na. To ensure her safety, he must hide his true identity from her. Na-na finds out Yoon-sung is the City Hunter after he saves her from falling. Her eagerness to help exposing the Council of Five puts herself in danger. Seeking personal revenge is no longer the City Hunter’s only mission. His goal is to punish the sinners and eventually extricate those who suffer under them from predicaments. As the conflict between good and evil becomes more and more intense, Yoon-sung begins to realize the only way to protect those he loves is by sacrificing himself.

City Hunter

City Hunter is a smart and exciting action drama very well produced. One big notable flaw about the series is the ending, actually the last ten minutes or so. The death scene of Lee Jin-pyo (Yoon-sung’s foster father) is too dragged out and unrealistic. And the two of them holding hand when they are supposed to be on opposite sides…it kills the purpose of Jin-pyo taking responsibility as the City Hunter and giving Yoon-sung a chance for a new life (in my opinion). The final few moments leave you with a feel of incompleteness. I have the same feeling while watching the ending of “Faith”, Lee Min Ho’s newest drama. Ironically, both series aired on SBS.

City Hunter Ending

If Boys over Flowers is not precisely my cup of tea, then City Hunter is exactly what I hunger for. Lee Min Ho’s brilliant and memorable performance as the dynamic, witty hero pushes the series to the top of my favorite action dramas list. There are too many injustices out there nowadays; just the thought of City Hunter existing among us, fighting for the ordinary, often powerless populaces is enough comfort, and better yet, a hero with a face fair as Lee Min Ho’s. What a feast! The topic is nothing new – man fights evil and good prevails, but the execution of the tale deserves a hearty round of applause.

Music plays an important part in City Hunter. I particularly love a piece called “Sad Run”. It suits the theme of City Hunter perfectly.

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City Hunter on Amazon


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    • profile image

      China Abarquez 

      3 years ago

      Dreamlin- I've read a lot of reviews about Healer. But honestly, I haven't watch it until now. It's such a shame on my part since I am a K-drama lover. Well, thanks to your suggestions.

    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thanks China Abarquez for the comment. Gangnam Blues is a good film, but a little too dark for me, and hasn't seen Lee Min Ho in a good drama series since "Faith". Recently, another drama captures my attention. It's called "Healer" with Park Min Young and Ji Chang Woo. If you like City Hunter, you may enjoy that one too.

    • profile image

      China Abarquez 

      3 years ago

      One of the best Korean action drama that I've watched. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young look good together though they already admitted that they've broken up. Have you watch Lee Min Ho's movie Gangnam Blues with Kim Rae Won? Daebak, Lee Min Ho's performance in the movie is outstanding.

    • Dreamlin profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Thanks dailytop10 for commenting. I love all 4 of Lee Min Ho's recent drama series and I enjoy watching "City Hunter" and "Faith" very much. However, to me, "Personal Taste" is one drama that is near perfect, storywise. Lee Min Ho is great in it and the ending is as good as it can be, unlike "City Hunter" and "Faith", both have undesirable endings. Still he is an excellent actor. I wish to see more of his dramas. He sure knows how to pick an exciting role.

    • dailytop10 profile image


      6 years ago from Davao City

      I'm a Lee Min Ho fan so I won't argue on anything you wrote here. It may not be his best drama series but he made the show amazing and successful! Thank you for sharing!


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