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City of Angels performance by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston is pretty good

Updated on April 19, 2015
The playbill cover for the original Broadway show
The playbill cover for the original Broadway show

Surrealism in Theater

The reason for my attendance of the musical was due to the writing about German expressionism, noir films, and Surrealism which explained the inspiration for the play. Although it's true that these are a part of it, at its core it's a satire about a man's struggles with insanity as he realizes that he is god. So, Surrealism in the end does fit the description of what this film is about.


The acting was great, honestly. People seemed very in-character, and this was not where the adaptation fell short. The only thing that was bad was the stiffness of characters while singing. It's natural, but doesn't make the character look good.


Overall, I liked the music a lot. Song such as "You Can Always Count On Me" and "You're Nothing Without Me" showcase great rhyming lyrics which make the second act so memorable. Yet, the first act makes up for it negatively by not being as gripping. I felt myself sleepy in the first act, and I had no idea who the characters were. Yet, the second act is so great that it becomes around 80% of the final grade of the musical.


The set designs were great, and it forced me to use imagination, as two characters are shown in different places talking to each other on the phone. The use of large raised stages was great, showing a diversity of different arrangements. I felt the style was great, though sadly they didn't smoke actual cigarettes, because a huge component of most old noir films was cigarettes half-smoked and still burning, creating a new style. However, safety comes first.


City of Angels was memorable, but it had its problems at the same time. However, the flaws were nothing, and I thought it was great.

80% - B-


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