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Classic Movies

Updated on June 16, 2012

Classic Movie

It is hard to come across a movie that becomes classic. All the movies of the 80's have become classics such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Breakfast Club, and many more. Could it be these movies have stuck in my head since I was little and they have come to be classic movies to me.

I do feel as though they do not put as much effort into most movies that we see appearing lately. Right now making movies is about making money, and if they can take a popular name and make it into the movie they can achieve profits. All you need to make money off of a movie is a big name, it doesn't matter how bad the movie is, it will make money. As long as a movie has a well known title people will go see it. Computer graphics become more impressive everyday, but they can be over used often.

Why does Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4 turn into super cop? He started as New York City police officer and now hes jumping out of helicopters and cars. It is funny how they make every sequel more unrealistic then the last one.

Movies need to stop relying on special effects and start writing quality scripts and directing quality movies. Movies need to be original, a lot of movies are just hyped up remakes.

Don't get me wrong there are movies that come out that I respect. I just can't take these comedy movies that spoof other comedy movies. They are basically exact replicas of the classic comedies we've come to enjoy. It just frustrates me that the creativity in Hollywood is coming to close.

I was impressed by the graphics in the Transformers movies, but I have to admit the story line was not very good. Why is Michael Bay directing these movies, he's trying too hard to market to different age groups. Is he creating a love story, a children's movie, an adult movie? Choose one category and go from there. Some parts are enjoyable when others drag on and consist of explosions and great graphics.

I just wish I could see some better movies out today. I don't feel I deserve to waste money on movies that were obviously released just to make money. Put more time and effort when coming up with ideas and don't just reuse ideas over and over again.

The new movies that have come out recently that I have enjoyed always make me happy. I thought Batman Begins was extremely well done. I didn't start like Leonardo DiCaprio until I saw him in Catch Me If You Can, and Tom Hanks was awesome in that movie as well. Actually, for digitally animated movie I thought Kung Fu Panda had a great story and kept me entertained. There a so many more good movies, I just wish they would put more thought into them. Stop making interesting trailers, and make interesting movies.


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