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Classic Rock Rumors Part 1

Updated on June 8, 2012
On the contrary, love, i just got married
On the contrary, love, i just got married

Didn't you know that..

Mama Cass never died choking on a ham sandwich ( blame it on heart failure), and Robert Johnson never made a pact with the devil. ( he was actually tutored by a blues guitarist named Ike Zimmerman). Its touch to admit but you have been duped. These are just a few countless myths that have haunted the reputation of big name celebs for years- And its time to face the facts. It maybe tough to admit you've been wrong all this time, and let's face it. Some Rumors are Fun to spread around but the following tabloid treasures are just plain false.

Myth 1: Sir Paul McCartney is dead

On October 12, 1969, a disc jockey at WKNR FM in Detroit broke the "news". The evidence od the secret death of legendary Beatle Paul McCartney was, he aid, in the many clues sprinkled throughout the band's songs and artwork, and films. While dedicated fans sobbed their eyes out and lit a memorial candles across the globe, the announcement was proven a hoax. However; to this day, many Beatle Junkies believe that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 while driving home from Abbey Road Studios- and that the man who claims to be him today is just a look-alike. Here's a list of why fanatics think the remaining of the fab four have left behind clues in their music about the fate of their beloved band mate:

  • In the single "Yesterday", McCartney sings that there is a shadow hanging over him.
  • In "And your Bird can sing", McCartney sings " You can't see me.. You can't hear me".
  • On the cover of the album Yesterday and Today, McCartney is sitting inside a trunk that resembles a coffin
  • On the cover for the Yellow Submarine, McCartney is sitting in a "Sea of green" signifying being underneath the grass.
  • On the cover of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a figurine of the Hindu God Shiva, also known as the Destroyer, seems to be pointing to Paul ( who himself is holding a black instrument).
  • On the Abbey Road cover , a barefoot Paul represents a dead man, John represents an angel ( He is wearing white), Ringo represents the leader of a memorial service ( He is wearing black), and George represents a gravedigger ( He is wearing denim).
  • In the song " A Day in the Life", John sings, "He blew his mind out in a car. He didn't notice that the lights had changed". Could the lyrics be a description of his friend and former bandmate's death?

Regardless of how passionate believers of this popular myth maybe, the band continues to stress that they are, in fact,false. Props for creativity,though.

Real name of Joan Jett is Joan Larkin
Real name of Joan Jett is Joan Larkin

Myth 2 : Joan Jett wrote "I love Rock N' Roll"

A rebel anthem of everything hip about rock, the song " I love Rock N' Roll" has been recorded by a long list of musical wannabes and greats including Dragon Ash,Five, The Sex Pistols, Weird Al Yankovic, Hit Crew, and Britney Spears, The greatest myth surrounding this ever re-recorded hit, however, is that it was originally recorded by Punk Guitarist Joan Jett. The song's true authors: Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker of the Arrows. After releasing two singles that raced to the top of the charts in Great Britain( "Touch too much"and "My last night with You"), the Arrows were looking to follow up their newfound fame with another big hit. Although producer Mickie Most wasn't a huge fan of the original recording and initially pushed the band to release ballad " Broke down Heart" instead, " I love Rock N' Roll" was an instant favorite after the band invited to play on Muriel Young's show 45 in 1975. On tour in England with her band The Runaways at the time, Joan Jett saw The Arrow's television performance and fell in love with the raw sound.

Jett released the first cover version of " I love Rock N' Roll in 1979, but her adaptation wouldn't go mulit-platinum until 1982 - after Guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols released their version of the single. In fact, despite the fact that pop Diva Britney Spear's cover has an uncanny resemblance to Jett's, Representatives at Jive Records claim that while gearing up for her 2002 release, she listened to The Arrow's original cut - not Jett's rewrite. In Great Britian, Britney's version ended up in a bigger hit than Jett's - she made it to the no. 2 spot while back in 1982, Jett just couldn't budge past No. 3

In 1993, Diana Ross was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most successful female artist ever.
In 1993, Diana Ross was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most successful female artist ever.

Myth 3 Diana Ross was in the original Supremes

Diana Ross and the soulful sidekicks Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson were not the first group to call themselves The Supremes during the early rock and roll era of the 1950s and 1960s .In 1957, a group from Columbus, Ohio, released a single called " Our day will come" was sung by a second group of the same name that was originally Ruby and the Romantics


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