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Classic Rock Rumors Part 2

Updated on June 8, 2012
True of False?
True of False?

Myth 4 Marilyn Manson acted on the Wonder Years

From 1988-1993, every little girl with a crush on Kevin Arnold would have given anything to be with his beautiful sidekick ( and first kiss) Winnie Cooper on the sitcom The Wonder Years. The same girls got nauseous, however,when they heard the unthinkable rumor that Marilyn Manson (or Brian Warner;as his parents called him) starred as the geeky, allergy-ridden Paul Pfeiffer on the same show. How could a such a loyal friend and nerd turned to be someone as rebellious and sickly satanic as Manson? When confronted with the mysterious myth his cult fans were spreading across the nation ,the mysterious rocker left them without much of an answer; saying it was irrelevant" as to whether or not the rumor was true.

However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief because Paul Pfeiffer was not played by Marilyn Manson but instead by Josh Saviano, a young actor who also made frequent appearances on children's shows like Reading Rainbow and Fun House. A graduate of Yale University, today Saviano is a lawyer. Manson has also dodged rumors that he played the innocent, good-hearted Charlie Bucket in the quirky film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder - that, too, is not true

Creed back in 1999
Creed back in 1999

Myth 5 Creed is a Christian Band

As a teenager, Scott Tapp wanted to prove to his parents so badly that rock music wasn't the antithesis of religion that he eventually ran away from home. Years later as a student at Lee University, a Christian liberal-arts college, he was kicked out for smoking marijuana. A rocker raised on faith and his own love for rock and roll, Stapp was so inspired by the tunes of Led Zeppelin that he got together with some high school buddies from Tallahasee. Florida, and put together a band CREED and its premier album MY Own Prison. At first they were criticized for their predictably christian lyrics in singles like " My Sacrifice" and " With Arms Wide", but none of the band members admitted any kind of personal religious commitment. Similar to U2, the guys denied being a "Christian Band" ,but still wanted to sing about their religious thoughts and questions in their music.

What many of the band's anti-religion enemies do not know, however;is that Stapp wrote those seemingly Christian lyrics while questioning the very faith he was raised on - in fact, in more than one interview, he admitted that My Own Prison wasn't referencing a specific God at all. He didn't want to directly support a Christian God or a Muslim god or a Buddhist God . His God was just the God he "saw in nature", he said. At the height of making music in the 1990s, Stapp refused to even call himself a Christian because of all the theological problems he had with the faith. USA Today may have called CREED " Bible Thumping Rockers". but they would claim today, his music has had a positive effect on fans, driving them toward the possibility of hope and heaven.

This album had reached No.1 in the Billboard 200 in 1971
This album had reached No.1 in the Billboard 200 in 1971
Buddy Holly's real name is Charles Hardin Holley
Buddy Holly's real name is Charles Hardin Holley

Myth 6 " American Pie" is named after Buddy Holly's fallen plane

On February 3, 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson drew straws with their road crew to see who had to ride in the steamy un-airconditioned tour bus and who got to hitch a ride on the airplane. The three young stars won, but their fate would change when their four passenger Beechcraft Bonanza crashed into a snowy Iowa cornfield at 1:05 A.M. Twelve years later; Don Mclean wrote the ballad " American Pie" as a tribute to the ill-fated heroes making February 3rd the unofficial " Day the music died". However; some music lovers took the tribute too far when they spread the rumor that " American Pie" was actually the name of the fallen airplane. The claim is simply not true


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  • jolinabetts profile image

    Sunshine Diaz 5 years ago from Wichita, Kansas

    Thank you for your comments! This is my first time to write on Hubpages. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • miakouna profile image

    miakouna 5 years ago

    Great article and interesting article that I really enjoyed. I thought Creed was a Christian band and Marilyn Manson was Paul from Wonder years.

  • hlruther profile image

    hlruther 5 years ago from USA

    That's interesting, I really thought Creed started as a Christian band. It really makes me rethink that first CD of theirs.