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Classic Rock Rumors Part 3

Updated on June 8, 2012

Myth 7 : Jack and Meg are Siblings

Although they had been playing together since 1999, when the punk garage band White Stripes first became widely noticed wit the single " Fell In Love With a Girl" in 2001, they had fooled music lovers with the legend that they are brother and sister. Claiming to be the youngest of a family of ten, the duo did share pasty white skin and jet-black hair. However; they were not blood relatives - they were married. In 2001,a reporter revealed the fact that Megan White and John (Jack) Gillis had actually been wed from 1996 to 2001. Today copies of their divorce papers circle the Web, telling the true tale of their relationship.

Black Sabbath in 1973
Black Sabbath in 1973

Myth 8 Black Sabbath is named after a Witches' Gathering

Rumors of Gothic references to the occult in band names and lyrics are nothing new to the rock scene. In fact some bands like the mystery and controversy that comes with such confusion. With dark onstage performances by the wild and questionanly Ozzy Osbourne, it was easy for Black Sabbath fans to believe the myth that their favorite rockers were a tribute to witchcraft. However; the band's name actually comes from their love of horror flicks - one in particular, the 1963 Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff. Since retiring, Ozzy has appeared on a number of talkshows explaining that the band's act was not satanic but mere theater.

Thanks for the music Michael
Thanks for the music Michael
The elephant man John Merrick
The elephant man John Merrick

Myth 9 Michael Jackson Does- Just About Everything

The King of Pop has pulled off a lot of cheesy stunts in his day. He performed at the 1996 Brit Awards dressed as the Messiah, surrounded by kids and a mock rabbi. He outbid a good friend ( Paul McCartney) for ownership of the Beatles' catalog of songs. As a grown man, he purchased a California Ranch, filled it with amusement park rides and zoo animals and named it Neverland

Despite his addiction to utterly weird ways, Jackson is a misunderstood man surrounded by countless rumors, including:

  • He sleeps in a pressure chamber to prevent aging. Anyone who paid attention to his 2005 lawsuit and trial knows Jackson clearly sleeps in a bed. It should whether he has a company that is up for question.
  • He purposefully lightened his skin because he hates being black. Jackson actually has a condition called Vitiligo, which causes pigment to fade away, leaving behind white splotches.
  • He purchased the remains of the " Elephant Man" John Merrick. The actual organs were destroyed during World War 2. Jackson may have visited the Royal London Hospital to view casts of Merrick's head and appendages, but he certainly never took them home.

Thank you for Reading.


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  • jolinabetts profile image

    Sunshine Diaz 5 years ago from Wichita, Kansas

    Thank you :) Wow you inspire me to write! thank you very much

  • Literary Geisha profile image

    Literary Geisha 5 years ago from Philippines

    very nice hub! i see this is the third of a series... the information you have here is fascinating! i'm off to read more. :)

    btw, i googled the elephant man, it seems his real name is joseph, "sometimes incorrectly referred to as John Merrick." (wikipedia)