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Classic Sumo Creations

Updated on July 11, 2013

Sumo FIlms

Doodling fun for everyone :)
Doodling fun for everyone :) | Source

Classic Animations

What has made these few classics? After a couple of years all I can say I suppose is that when I look at the stats they are the ones that people are watching. The ones that people are coming up to me and saying they liked, or jumping on Facebook and badgering me to make more of.

Really for me, a film that does well has more that 10 views. A film that very well has 20 views and a film that does considerably well has 30.

But these aren't necessarily in 1 day. They are over time as people return and re-watch so as it has now been a few years and I have some reaching the 60 view mark they are starting to stand out from the rest.

I am pleased for them.

So here are the top 5 Sumo Films in order.

No. 5 Hammy's Revenge

Hammy's Revenge

Hammy's Revenge is the 5th installment in the tales of the adventures of the little hamster. After a couple of small movies a following for him started to grow and I was often (and occasionally still am) requested to make more films featuring the little fellow.

So as my 100th upload drew near I decided that I would make my 2nd movie a Hammy movie and finish the story off (maybe).

Over 5 minutes long and over a year to make it was a big project but I was pleased when I finished it. And I think that it leaves the story of Hammy in a nice place.

No 4. Bladder Control

Bladder Control

Bladder Control is one that makes me laugh as to it's success. I think it's due to it's tags and the fact that I keep seeing it on Urological websites (which is worrying).

But it is a fun little film, that came to fruition while listening to a colleague tell me of a story from is army days.

It was one of my early ones and so the animation isn't great (not that it ever is) it isn't HD and it is in a different file format.

No 3. Pay Attention Class

Pay Attention Class

i had written a skit. I had an idea and wanted to see how it would work. The problem for me with not being an animator was could I effectively get the message across.

How would in look and sound. I often think up ideas but decide against because I think that it would be to hard or take to long to animate.

But the set up simple, with the police training school and the foreign officers special technique ;)

It worked and it steadily climbed it's way up to number 3.

No 2. Break Back Office S1 E8

Break Back Office S1 E8

Break Back Office was born out of complete and total boredom at work. As the whole project was, not that that is a bad thing, the stories where fun.

When a colleague and I were talking I began mutating the discussion and before long I had a whole series.

To be honest I am not sure why this episode. I guess that by the 8th episode people had started to look at it and so it caught all the views. But it is still a classic and I am now making Series 4.

No 1. Head 2 Head

Head 2 Head

It was what I might call my first real film. Everything before had been about 10 - 20 seconds long whereas this one comes in at 46 seconds long, which for me back then meant about 3 days work, and unlike the others this actually had a story.

It is a short simple story about 2 fighters and there over inflated egos if you like. But more importantly it is loved by those of all ages.

Hope you enjoy.

A Sumo

See if you can spot any of these in my films :)
See if you can spot any of these in my films :) | Source

Spot the Sumo

There is also a game called Spot the Sumo included in nearly all the films. It began as a bit of fun and continued into something that was part of the development of each project.

In some cases it's was a case of finding the sumo's rather than watching the film (It got a little out of hand).

But it has seen the test of time and people love looking around the films for the little guys that keep coming and going though out scenes, so see if you can spot them anywhere.

if you enjoy the films remember to watch them again and check if there is anything lucking in the background.

Classic Sumo Films

Which did you like?

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I always have projects on the go and I am always adding to the over 100 uploads that currently occupy my Channel and if anything should reach the dizzy heights that these 5 have then I will amend the hub.

Check the channel out and see if you like anything if you do subscribe. I've been doing it a few years now and am constantly creating little projects.

The next big project of mine is live action. I aim to move from animation to film. Let's see what happens.


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