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Classic Television Memories: In Memoriam Chad Everett (Medical Center)

Updated on September 26, 2012
Chad Everett circa 1966
Chad Everett circa 1966

Chad Everett (1937-2012)

No sooner it seems that when I published the last In Memoriam hub featuring Don Grady,
Andy Griffith, et al, we lose another Classic Television personality: Chad Everett. Mr. Everett died Tuesday of Lung Cancer, he was 75.

He was the dashing, handsome, and dedicated Dr. Joe Gannon on the long-running drama, Medical Center. (1969-1976) on CBS. My memories of the show was that I hated it; the reason was that every Monday night, I had to watch my mother swoon, and act like a giddy teenager, every time Dr. Gannon entered the scene.

A veteran of numerous television and movie roles, Mr. Everett’s first notable role was on an episode of ABC’s Surfside Six,(1960-1962), a detective drama which starred Troy Donahue and Van Williams (The Green Hornet). His first starring role was opposite gruff character actor Jack Elam in the western series The Dakotas (1963).

He married actress Shelby Grant in 1966, and remained together until her death in 2011.

His big break came in 1969 when he was cast as surgeon Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center, playing opposite James Daly as Dr. Paul Lochner.

Post Medical Center, he continued acting on television and movies. His last role was on an episode of the TV series Castle (2012).

He is survived by two daughters.


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