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Why I love Woody Allen Movies

Updated on November 11, 2010

Hooked on Woody Allen

When I was sixteen I saw my first Woody Allen movie; Annie Hall and I was hooked.

Annie Hall is considered by Time Magazine's Woody Allen's breakthrough movie. It won four Oscars, including best picture, and Sunday Review confirmed that with Annie Hall, Woody Allen completed the journey from comic to humorist, from comedy writer to wit and from inventive movie maker to creative artist. All of this happened in 1977, I was three years old when all this was happening and 13 years later I picked up the movie in the library and watched Annie Hall by myself in the basement of our Duplex and when he was explaining that his character had trouble between fantasy and reality I paid attention as I had the same thoughts, feeling I wasn't alone. This guy from New York was making a living with his thoughts and dark humor.

Alvy singer (Woody Allen) is one of Manhattan's most brill ant comedians, but when it comes ot romance, his delivery need a little work, introduced by his best friend, Rob (Tony Robbins) Alvy falls in loves with the ditsy but delightful nightclub singer Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). When his own insecurities sabotage the affair,Annie is forced to leave Alvy for a new life and lover (Paul Simon), in Los Angeles. Knowing he may have lost Annie forever, Alvy's willing to go any lengths, even driving LA's freeways to recapture the only that ever mattered. True Love.

As I read this synopsis on the back of the VHS tape in the library, only a few words stood out to me, falls in love, insecurities sabotage the affair, going to any lengths, the only thing that ever mattered, true love. I had to watch it and as I feel into Woody's word of Annie Hall, I wanted to write like him. I wanted to write movies like him, I wanted to direct like him, and I started to write poetry as I watched Annie Hall over and over again.

Friends would ask me what kind of movies I liked and without hesitation I declared my love of Woody Allen movies, and would share first Annie Hall to introduce them to Woody Allen, and then my next favorite Woody movie is Manhattan, then Interiors, Play it again Sam, Melinda, Melinda, and the list goes on.

If you haven’t seen a Woody Allen movie, I suggest Annie Hall for your first time, then maybe one of his latest creations, such as Vicky, Cristina Barcelona, a funny drama about love, life and its twists and turns in beautiful Barcelona. Woody is currently working on a new movie, Midnight in Paris, I can’t wait until it comes out.


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    • Howard Allen profile image

      Howard Allen 

      7 years ago

      It's nice to see someone appreciating Woody Allen. I like his movies a lot too. My favorites are Love and Death, Annie Hall, and Crimes and Misdemeanors.


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