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Cloveniss Behind the Scenes

Updated on August 1, 2013

DVD Extras

I recently bought The Hunger Games DVD loaded with behind-the-scenes footage of extras! I was so excited to start purveying the goodies even more than watching the actual movie! I skipped right ahead and popped in the disc containing all the highly anticipated shenanigans I just knew our beloved cast mates got into while making the movie. Turns out, I was absolutely right about all the great things contained in the shiny plastic disc which I now covet like gold (or oil). To my utter fan girl delight, I spotted a few shots where Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman) and Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) practice their infamous Cornucopia fight scene as one of the extras. Once, I saw all the adorable moments they had together goofing up their fighting sequence, I admit I did a little happy dance in the middle of my room. My mom had thought I'd finally gotten the internship I've been working so hard for, but to her disappointment, it was only me expressing my happiness for Clovniss shippers everywhere. I had thought it was enough that these two lovely actresses portrayed their individual characters so well, but to actually have chemistry outside of them makes me feel as if I've died and gone to fan girl heaven.

My eyes were glued onto the screen as Isabelle Fuhrman sat on top of Jennifer Lawrence in a position that I could not for the life of me help keep thinking was something akin to sexy straddling. They laughed and giggled at the things they've been instructed to do and I clapped my hands together like a delighted two year old as I soaked up everything happening between them. My mom sat on the sidelines nodding her head and sipping her coffee, most likely wondering how in the world she got someone so crazy as her daughter (I can't blame her - it's not like I was trying to hide how hard I was fangirling.)

The rest of the footage was also just as cute, but nothing compared to the level of awesomeness of the Clovniss footage. This isn't particularly the most helpful article containing ways to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend or how to pass your driving test - I just wanted to express my insane joy of Clovniss shippers everywhere when they saw the included bonus footage in The Hunger Games dvd. It is as if, a higher power knew I was yearning for more Clovniss material to appear in front of me. Someone must have heard my prayers and granted me the gift of The Hunger Games behind the scenes extras. Thank you, God, now I can die happy.


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