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Clover: a romantic film

Updated on July 5, 2017

Spoiler Alert.

It contains a few spoilers.

I donn´t take credit for the image
I donn´t take credit for the image | Source

What is it about?

Saya works in Toyo Hotel, the area of event management. The hotel´s Director is Yoshimichi Tsutsui and his sister Shiori helps him, but not so much. Saya is a clueless and forgetful girl. Her boss, Tsuge, a 29-year-old man is the opposite of her. He is well-organized and reponsible. Nothing seems to disturb him, except Saya´s mistakes.

Saya is in love with Haruki her childhood friend, Haruki, he was her first love, and she hasn´t love anyone else. They got separated when they were younger and they took different paths. Now he was a renowned actor. A very important event approaches, but Saya made a mistake for not anticipating all the posible situations, despite this, she solved the problem, she is proud of herself, but Tsuge does not seem happy and asks to speak with her when the event concludes.

Saya obviously thinks that he is going to scold her, however, Tsuge surprised her when he asked her to go out with her with the possibility in the future of getting married. What? She thinks it is joke, but he explained her that it would be "convenient" to be a couple. He would not have to attend to blind dates or to be annoyed by his co-workers who considered him handsome, also, he plans to work abroad, and thinks that a couple will give him more support to acomplish his goal. But this was all about him, what about Saya? She obviously wanted to reject him, but she takes time to consider it.

When she told this crazy idea to her friends , Ririka and Ichiyo they told her to do go out with him. Tsuge was handsome, he had a good job and definitely he was a very suitable partner. While Saya decided what to do, she had to take care of planning another event due of Valentine's Day. This is one was related with Haruki, the man she loves, but who broke her heart when she saw him recently with another girl.

Saya is extremely sad because of what happened and asked Tsuge to go out that night. They went to take some drinks and she explained to him her situation with Haruki. When she finished talking, he surprised her again with his answer; he told her that until she found someone to love again, they should go out and considered their relationship as "rehabilitation" for her broken heart.

The day of the event arrives and Saya made another mistake. This time she forgot to confirm the availability of the ballroom and her Section Chief, Matsushita, got angry with her, however, Tsuge helped. At the end, the event was a success, and she even spoke with Haruki, who told her that he is not in love with that girl she saw. Saying that, she starts to have hope in her love again until he asks her if she had a boyfriend, to which she replied that she had and that he was Tsuge.

All her work team went for a trip near a lake. When they arrived there Tsuge seems to be cold with her. Why was he acting like that? he was the one that told her about her "rehabilitation". She began to despair and even to became jealous of her companions that approached to him. One of them, Rumi, asked Tsuge to bring her hat which she "accidentally" dropped into the lake. Tsuge accepts to go by boat along with her for it. Saya, mad and jealous, followed them by boat to. When Tsuge got distracted, Rumi kissed him making Saya furious and she fell into the water, losing consciousness. When she woke up, Tsuge was by her side and to clear her doubts, he kissed her.

After all the team returned from the trip, Saya and Tsuge had their first date and began to go out formally as a couple. Everything was good between them, however Tsuge´s plans changed when Director Yoshimichi asked him to go to Paris to handle the new hotel´s project, which he accepts. Now he just need to tell this to his girlfriend. That night, when the director and he went to dinner, Tsuge met Shiori, who liked him and decided to conquer him.

Saya´s birthday was approaching, but she didn´t know how to tell Tsuge, so her friend Ichiyo suggested that they should have a double date. Saya liked the idea and told it to her boyfriend about . That day, during the double date, she found out that Tsuge´s birthday was two weeks ago, but he didn´t say anything, so she went to buy a gift for him without telling anyone where she was going. Tsuge was concerned becase she wasn´t with there and when she returned he scolded her. That made her feel like a child and insecure.

Saya found out that her boyfriend was going to Paris and the worst thing was that you have to go with Shiori, still they decided to continue together. Six months later, Tsuge was supposed to return and to assist to Ichiyo´s wedding. Saya awaited with great enthusiasm but the director had other plans for him and he couldn´t attend to the party. That situation bothered Saya and she decided to go to Tsuge´s apartment. Her heart felt pain when she saw him with Shiori so they began to discuss and end up their relationship.

Meanwhile, Shiori wants to marry Tsuge and plans to blackmail him, but will he put his priorities before the love of her life?

MV with the best of Saya and Tsuge ( I don´t take credit for it)

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