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Clubbed (2008)

Updated on November 21, 2009

Hit Movie Clubbed

Clubbed 2008
Clubbed 2008

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Clubbed (2008) Review

Clubbed takes place in 1980's northern Britain. It is an exquisitely told tale, which centres around a young man named Danny. You soon grow to love Danny, an underdog from the start, as the story weaves and winds in an impressive plot line.

Danny starts off as a young factory worker, until a series of events leave him working as a club doorman. It is when he takes his children to ballet that he stumbles upon the boxing club next door. Here he meets a large man, with an unstoppable punch, but a view on violence which is rather unique for a bouncer. This man of peace helps teach Danny a huge amount, and you see the character develop throughout Clubbed in a way which leaves you begging for a sequel.

Clubbed contains some rather graphically violent scenes, despite this however you do not come out of it feeling as if you have watched a violent film as such. The way Danny is emotionally connected make it hard for you to see anything other than his point of view, and even the most feint hearted of people will end up cheering for Danny in Clubbed.

While I can often catagorise a film, Clubbed is ina world of it's own, if I had to compare it to other films it would probably be a mix of the Full Monty, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but based around boxing/doormen, and without quite so much of the humour!

Behind Clubbed

Clubbed (2008) was a huge success as a film, but it was also a huge success as a book, and script.  Watch My Back was initially penned by Geoff Thompson as a loosely based autobiography, and much of this was taken straight in to the film.  Some of the things that are shown in Clubbed reflect on a very dangerous past for the author, but also help build a huge level of respect for him.

Clubbed (2008) Trailer


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