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Collateral Beauty Review

Updated on March 15, 2017
Collateral Beauty poster
Collateral Beauty poster

Collateral Beauty

"Just be sure to notice the Collateral Beauty."

Collateral Beauty (2016) is an American drama film directed by David Frankel. The script was written by Allan Loeb and premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival. The film's has an all-star cast featuring Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Kiera Knightley, Naomi Harris, Helen Mirren, Jacob Latimore, and Edward Norton.

The story is not only about Howard Inlet (Will Smith), but the connection he shares with his co-workers. Howard struggles with depression after the death of his daughter. His misery is not only internal but external as the film shows the toll it takes on his physical appearance. He has a quiet, dark demeanor. His co-workers all have their own narratives that blend in with the main story. Whit Yardshaw (Edward Norton) is fighting for his daughter's love again. Michael Peña (Simon Scott) is succumbing to a disease that has resurfaced. And Claire Wilson (Kate Winslet) is battling with the hands of time. By time the story has reached its conclusion, each character has found his/her resolution.

Time, Love, and Death

Will Smith (Howard Inlet) and Keira Knightley ("Love")
Will Smith (Howard Inlet) and Keira Knightley ("Love")

Time (Helen Mirren), love (Kiera Knightley), and death (Jacob Latimore) deliver beautiful, important messages. Sometimes it can be said that there is just not enough time; however, the movie shows that it is what you do with your time, that gives life meaning. Not how much you have or don't. Love can be said to be patient and kind. And the movie puts the emphasis on patience when a divorced father works for a second chance to be in his daughter's life. Death is not considered the end but an opportunity for people to heal deeply rooted wounds. Each entity is played by a different character with their own personal interpretation on what they represent. And the character's own narratives reflect these three themes as well.


Collateral Beauty is not only a tearjerker,but a film tht will surely move anyone who has dealth with the loss of a child. Or, any loved one for that matter. It's overwhelmingly healing narrative should be able to wash over anyone that's hurting. The plot is used as a conduit to deliver the film's most vital messages. In the end, the characters have all evolved in some way.Or, found their own personal answers. The performances from the cast also mesh perfectly with the script's authentic and poetic dialogue. As a result, the film's messages are brought home in a subtle and yet—dramatic way. Overall, the movie promotes the connectivity of people through acceptane and forgiveness. It proides hope and inspiration. And who couldn't use a little bit of that.

Collateral Beauty is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Amazon Video, and ITunes.


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