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Collecting Vinyl Albums and Records

Updated on February 27, 2010

A Sample of My More Obscure Albums

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Emy de Pradines, from Haiti, "Voodoo", #R-199-151Music Out Of The Moon, "Music Unusual Featuring The Theremin-Themes by Harry RevelYma Sumac, Moises Vivanco, "Inca Taqui" , # L423
Emy de Pradines, from Haiti, "Voodoo", #R-199-151
Emy de Pradines, from Haiti, "Voodoo", #R-199-151
Music Out Of The Moon, "Music Unusual Featuring The Theremin-Themes by Harry Revel
Music Out Of The Moon, "Music Unusual Featuring The Theremin-Themes by Harry Revel
Yma Sumac, Moises Vivanco, "Inca Taqui" , # L423
Yma Sumac, Moises Vivanco, "Inca Taqui" , # L423

Three Great, Unusual and Rare Vinyl Albums

I suppose you could call me an audiophile, or you may just think I am a pack-rat, but I literally am overrun with music around here! I have stacks and columns of vinyl albums, records dating from the days of the 78's, all the way to CD's of Prodigy and The Black Eyed Peas, as well as Zak Brown and Jason Mraz on my cell phone!

I obviously love music, even sheet music, and I can't even read musical notes. Took two years of piano for nothing. Still play by ear. Anyway, I digress. I wanted to share some of my more obscure albums with you, and see if anyone else shared my love of what I consider off beat music (no pun intended) and vinyl lp's.

The first to catch my eye a few years ago, when this obsession with music started, I came across the "Voodoo" album, by Emy De Pradines with the "Haiti Danse Chorus and Orchestra"  made up of 12 women that dance and sing, along with the musical instruments of Haiti, plus the guitar and flute, that accompany her on this lp, Guitar and flute are not normally involved in Haitian music (at least traditional Haitian music) and it is a wonderful musical experience. You almost feel the fearless and indomitable spirit of the Haitian people calling to you with this one. By the way, all of these albums are for sale right now, as I am more than a bit tight on cash. (just contact me if you are interested). Anyway, if you don't know about Emy de Pradines, she was the daughter of a renowned Haitian composer, poet and writer, by the name of Candiau. She was thought to be a princess as well. Her entire life was centered around poetry, music and dance, and she went into the most remote and far-reaching places of Haiti, to immerse herself deeper into the music and dance of her fellow Haitians. She began singing and dancing at the age of three, but never learned to read or write. I would be interested to know how well she was paid for this album, compared to the musicians of today!

You can read a bit more about this rare vinyl album at this link and get more information on Pradines and the album itself. All I can say is, it is definitely different, and very enjoyable, especially if you are into this type of thing. It could almost be called the beginning of techno or trance music, if you will, but is from 1953. This is the oroginal recording, by Remington label, and in remarkable condition, especially for it's age! It is definitely Authentic Haiti music and rythyms at their best.

The second record I have here is one by Yma Sumac of Peruand her husband, Moises Vivanco, called "Inca Tacqui. Now, this one is from the Andes Mountains, according to liner notes, and consists of chants of the Incan People. This musical tradition is over three thousand years old. Yma Sumac was an Incan woman, and she certainly embodies the spirit of her people in a remarkable way. You can click this link to find out a bit more about her. The biography is rather interesting, which is what the link will take you to. This album is also the original pressing, and in wonderful condition, especially considering the age. The outside of the album has a little rubbing from age, but the vinyl lp is in great shape. It was recorded at Capitol Records.

The third album I have to share with you is "Music Out Of The Moon", "Music Unusual Featuring the Theremin - Themes by Harry Revel. It still has the original price tag on it from 1955. It was recorded at Capitol Records, and when I saw the cover, I couldn't believe how risque' this was for the 1950's! The model on the cover is Virginia Clark, of Earl Carroll's Theatre, in Hollywood. The photographer was Paul Garrison. If you hav never listened to a Theremin, you need this album. It is awesome. You actually play this instrument without ever touching it!

To me, these type of albums are either for the true "audiophile", or would be great for a DJ who still did the "scratch" technique (I prefer that type of DJ myself). They could also be used for meditation, trance and dance, or just plain enjoyment. If you are curious about the Theremin and wonder if you have ever heard one, just think of the "Outer Limits" television show from so many years ago. It was predominantly a Theremin, I believe. I believe that it was Motley Crue that I saw use one more . recently, while I was watching one of their concerts.

So, here are three of my more "unusual" recordings, but I have a huge amount more that I will be sharing with you. If you have any questions about any of the vinyl albums I have here, or would like to know a price, let me know, and we will get together. I sell under the name "Iceorig" on Ebay, and used to sell under "Lthykeson", until someone hacked into that seller name, and they shut down the account at Ebay. All three of these are rather obscure and rare recordings, but I am willing to sell them off at a reasonable price if I have too. Let's just say 2009 wasn't very good for us financially...


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ..yes I grew up with vinyl. I am 52 - but really 29 when I read your hubs!

      This particular is fascinating for someone like me - in my library I must have over 50-60 album covers on the walls.

      ...and this is a hub that I would like to put there rock with the best of them!

    • music messenger profile image

      music messenger 8 years ago

      It's good to hear from another vinyl record collector. Cool collection! I have some vinyl reviews and tips on my hubs. Take a look.


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