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Comcast Sucks: Fed Up With Comcast, the Comcast Nightmare. You are Not Alone: Comcast Horror Stories

Updated on June 20, 2013
Hate Comcast
Hate Comcast

Why am I stuck with Comcast?

Cable-television companies typically have to negotiate with local governments and pay them a portion of their revenues and other compensation for the exclusive right to offer cable services in an area, Yes, that's right, the reason we're stuck with only one cable company in our area is because our government controls the rights. Cable is treated the same was as utilities are, and the government thinks they know best. The best way to regulate cable is by controlling the license to broadcast. Consequently, if you haven't noticed, there is only one major cable company in your area. You either have Comcast, Cox, or Time Warner. If you're lucky, you can get AT&T U-Verse, but that is pretty much it. You can go the satellite route, but that isn't viable for everyone.

Some jurisdictions do allow minor competition, mainly private local companies who handle infrastructure on a very small scale. Typically these companies offer only second rate options and usually negotiated with certain developers as part of constructing new residential neighborhoods.

At the end of the day, if you have Comcast, you are stuck with Comcast.

Why does Comcast Suck? Why do people hate Comcast?

If anyone asks you why you hate Comcast, no reply is really necessary. People have asked me, and all I have said is that you will know why if you are ever unfortunate to have Comcast. This held true with my girlfriend who never had Comcast but when we moved in together, signed up for a Comcast package. Within 2 days of activating her account, she looked me in the eyes and said, now I get it.

Because cable companies have a monopoly in their region, they simply have no incentive to offer any level of customer service. You may be thinking, why does that matter? Well, the fact is, your Cable WILL go out. You WILL lose internet service. Your picture WILL be grainy or your signal WILL be weak. Not to mention, you're bill WILL be raised, and you WILL be nickel and dimed every step of the way. Want cable in 2 rooms, it will cost you. Want an HD box, it will cost you. Want DVR, it will cost you, want your internet to not be throttled, it will cost you. Their cable goes bad, it will cost YOU.

Comcast sucks if for no other reason than the fact that to avoid being completely screwed, you have to continually keep them involved in your life. Just the past 10 months in my new townhouse and I have had 8 separate issues: including 2 re-wires, 2 new cable boxes, 3 signal resets and a billing discrepancy. This is by no means unusual. This is par for the course over my 8 year experience stuck with Comcast.

The latest debacle which prompted me writing this was when my cable box started resetting itself ever 20 minutes. Yep. without reason, it simply would reboot, which would take 5 minutes to cycle through. Relief as my show came back on, only for this to repeat itself over and over again until finally after a day, I called Comcast. Their response? They could charge me $50 to send a tech to take a look at it, or I could drive to a service center and swap it out.

Have you ever been to a Comcast Service Center? Comcast service centers make the DMV look like well-oiled, efficient businesses. I have yet to get in and out of Comcast without waiting in line for 30 minutes or more. So I decided to take the box in, seeing that I don't want to wait 5 days for a tech, that will cost me $50. Low and behold, the service center was practically empty. With a grin on my face, I walk through the cattle guards to the lady behind the window. "How may I help you" she says."I need to swap out my cable box, I called customer service and they said I need a new box". "Well, she says, our network is out and we can't exchange your box".

Laughing, I said to her, how funny is this, Comcast can't even keep their own systems working. Irritating me though, was the fact that they couldn't physically swap a box, because their systems were down. Last time I checked, each box has a bar code and serial number. Couldn't you simply, with pen and paper, write down the number of the box you switched? Then, when your systems get back online, simply enter the code? Well yes, we could do that, but our manager doesn't want to complicate things. Enough said. This story is not unique.

Top 10 Reasons To Hate Comcast

10) There is only 1 service center within 50 miles of your house.

9) You can't call customer service without having to wait on hold for 30 minutes or more.

8) They charge you different rates for the same package depending on if you signed up online or over the phone, and if you signed up online, you can't talk to a representative over the phone without a charge.

7) Once your promo period ends, without telling you, they will upgrade you and charge you full price without warning.

6) They never show up for their service call within the time they scheduled

5) They schedule 4 hour, or now 2 hour windows (yeah right).

4) You're constantly having to "un-plug" and "re-plug" your modem to get it to work (this is as good as their advice gets).

3) They know they suck and they don't care. Arguing, complaining, only makes matters worse and they will do nothing, to make things right.

2) Something always goes wrong.

and the #1 reason to Hate're stuck with Comcast.


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