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Come Dine with Me: 'Poisonous Pete' the epitome of a sore loser

Updated on January 5, 2016
"Sore loser 'Poisonous Pete". Picture: 'Come dine with Me' - Channel 4
"Sore loser 'Poisonous Pete". Picture: 'Come dine with Me' - Channel 4 | Source

Like a few other million people, I tuned in to watch episode 1 of series 37 of the hit reality program 'Come Dine with Me' after reading that there had been somewhat of an argument between contestants when the final winner of the show was announced.

In what was probably the most hilarious episode of the show to date, we saw contestant Peter (later nicknamed 'Poisonous Pete' by a fellow contestant) loss his temper as it was revealed to him that not only had he not come first, he'd come last.

Peter, who clearly goes to the same barber as leader of the British Nationalist Party Nick Griffin, fired a tirade of (very British abuse) at two female contestants before ordering one of them "off [his] property".

"All the grace of reversing dump trunk without any tyres on"

I'll be honest, this isn't an insult that I've heard before, but it's probably the sort of comment you'd expect from a middle-aged, middle-class Brit. This came just before Peter suggested that the winner of the £1000 prize - Jane - use her winnings on "getting some lessons in grace and decorum".

The irony here was that Jane appeared to the viewers to have handled the situation extremely well considering Peter's unreasonable attitude and anger management issues. Prior to Pete's rant, Jane (and other contestants) had bitten their tongues during various comments from Pete as his anxiety began to grow during his meal due to his obvious concerns of losing the show.

Awkward. The moment when Peter let rip. Picture: 'Come dine with Me' - Channel 4
Awkward. The moment when Peter let rip. Picture: 'Come dine with Me' - Channel 4 | Source

The irony of Peter's comments

The irony of this entire display by Peter is that it was actually him who displayed a lack of grace and decorum.

Not only was Peter extremely rude to his guests, but he also attempted to bully them. He also clearly picked on the women in the group instead of the man, which displays his cowardice.

He behaved like a spoilt brat and I was surprised he didn't stamp his feet and start crying. The epitome of a sore loser


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