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Comedy Nights with Kapil - Hilarious One Liners, Jokes by Kapil Sharma

Updated on January 2, 2014

Stress Buster

Comedy Nights with Kapil is a dream come true for many stressed out Indians like me. It was high time that Indian television came out with a hilarious show that people can tune into and whilst watching, forget all their worries and problems. I know a number of international shows that do this, but none in Hindi I could think of. Initially I was a bit hesitant about watching the show thinking it would be slapstick comedy which I wouldn't enjoy. Then I started hearing good reviews from friends which is when I decided to not be so judgemental and give the show a try. I was pleasantly surprised and now I am hooked. I cannot sleep without watching an episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors YouTube channel.

Basically the show is about Bittoo (played by Kapil Sharma) and his family which includes his wife (who he teases constantly), a single (and very much ready to mingle) aunt who keeps hitting on every male guest that enters their house irrespective of how they look or what their age is, an alcoholic grandmother who is always in "high spirits", a servant who treats his owners as servants instead and a goat. Yes, you heard that right. There's a goat in the show too. A life-sized paper cut goat.

In each show, Bittoo invites a celebrity over to his house. But they make their appearance in the show only in the second half. The first half is purely dedicated to everyday shenanigans of Bittoo and his family. The dialogues cracked by Kapil Sharma form the highlight of each play and you can't help chuckling even if you are a person who doesn't get tickled easily.

Kapil Sharma lends an Aamir Khan like charm to his performances. The smile he shoots at you after he cracks a cheesy one liner is what girls in India are crushing over at the moment. You can't help fall for this adorable character. Also the way in which he attempts to talk in English (so as to impress) will leave a smile on your face.

Being such a fan of Comedy Nights with Kapil, I found it only right to dedicate at least one page for this awesome character on-screen. He deserves much more popularity than he's currently getting, and he is way more expressive than most of the new gen actors we get to see on the big screen nowadays. Here's wishing that Kapil Sharma gets all the accolades he deserves and we get to see him do comedy scenes in films as well in the near future. The movie industry needs such talented actors like him.

In this page, you will see some hilarious one liners from Kapil Sharma. I have done my best to translate them into English but please note that the jokes are way much more hilarious colloquially. The English translation is to just make the non-Hindi speakers a bit comfortable on this page and understand the show that is creating waves in India.

English Translation Gone Wrong

Kapil Sharma is trying to translate a Hindi romantic phrase into English.

In Hindi: "I am lost in your love. You too should feel the same."

Kapil's hilarious English translation is for all of you to see in the picture below!

Bittoo Sharma Teasing His Aunt

As I already mentioned before, Bittoo's aunt is an eccentric personality who is always on the lookout for her "other half". She considers herself as a hot, 22 year old still!

Bittoo's Wife Tired of All The Teasing

Bittoo's Wife: "Why don't you call me "baby" anymore?"

Bittoo: "Those who call each other "baby, baby" are more annoying than actual babies!"

Bittoo Jokes with One of The Guests

Guest: "I have WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, BBM. What do you have?"

Bittoo: "I have work to do!"

Sound Advice

Bittoo: "My wife gives me sound advice. 99% sound and 1% advice"

Religious Matters

Grandmom: "What's the similarity between Gandhiji, Lord Krishna and Jesus?"

Bittoo: "All of their birthdays fall on holidays"

Kapil's Wife's English Lessons

Hilarious scene from Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Indian Rupee Joke

Kapil Sharma jokes about the fall in Indian Rupee.

.. And the last one!

Bittoo and his wife.. as usual, fighting! :)


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