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The Crow - Film Movie Review

Updated on October 21, 2011

The Crow Film Review

 The Crow was a great film at the time and I was still at school back then and I remember going to the pictures to watch it whilst having a few beers naughty...naughty, and it starred the late Brandon Lee as Eric Draven a musician who is killed together with his girlfriend Shelly who was raped and killed by the same gang who think they own the streets.

The film plays along at a good pace and the violence does seem justified just like Brandon Lee said about the film in his final interview as Eric who has now been brought back to life exacts his revenge against the entire criminal gang that killed him and his fiance, based on the comic book of the same name, the crow sees a supernatural connection with Eric and brings him back to life to get back at those who murdered him.

There's fighting and baddies getting what's coming to them and it is quite satisying that the bad guys get killed and there's nothing that can stop it, Brandon Lee who died during filming somewhere near the end of the film was later replaced by a body double and his face was digitally created through CGI and it looks seemless, I've tried to see where it stops and starts sort of thing but I never can tell.

This first Crow is the only crow film you should really see as the sequels are shite, they try to capture the energy of this film, but they fail miserably, there's a point in the film that I like and that's where Eric confronts the boss and all his members and he kills them all with samurai swords and guns and it's a great part of the film.

The Crow is easily one of my favourite films ever and I watch it every now and then, so much so that I can spot some of the film mistakes, I recommend it if you haven't already seen this comic book movie gem.

The Crow Movie Review

The Crow Movie Review.
The Crow Movie Review.

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The Crow Movie Review

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