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Comical Shots from TV and Film when Paused

Updated on May 15, 2014

Paused TV that can bring much humour

I quite often pause things - as we all do. I have burst out laughing with many different people at many different times and thought to myself, "Damn, I wish I could save that. It's so funny!" so now I have collected a few.

95% of these pictures were flukes and I was pausing the DVD. I mention if it isn't a fluke and was done of purpose. But, the more fluke there is, the funnier it is.

Claire & Her Aunt - Six Feet Under

I paused this when the door rang. Someone was delivering a package - some bentonite clay!

I came back with my package and had a little chuckle at where the DVD had paused

Melissa and Brenda Eat - Six Feet Under

At this stage it seems as though I am just picking on woman, eating. I am not! It is just the way the cookie crumbles, or rather, just the way I am interrupted. I thought I would share it.

I only found out that the actress in this shot, Kellie Waymire passed away back in 2003 of a cardiac arrest caused by a heart problem diagnosed when she was younger. I sort of feel bad posting the picture after reading that.

Debra and the Doughnut - Dexter

This one had me hooting with laughter. It was perfect timing - and pure fluke!

The second time we meet Debra I think. She clearly could eat quite a few doughnuts before becoming overweight. She only takes a single bite though!

Grace - Waking The Dead

The forensic psychoanalyst gets a little nutty herself. I think she had to be one of my favourite characters from the show.

It really is a shame that they stopped the show, or rather ended it, but I guess it ran its course and at least it didn't get tired like so many shows that kept limping on, and cashing in..

Hannah's Parents - Girls

Hannah's parents react to her being high and collapsing on the floor. She also requests money and continued support.

I am not too sure which one bothers the mother the most!

Charlie - Girls

Careful Charlie - The wind might change! In a way it did though. I am not sure as I stopped watching this show but I think Lena Dunham - the writer of the show - Had an argument with this actor and axed him - the actor - or the character after season 2.

Boyd - Waking The Dead

I think the thing that makes this one work is that Spencer - the guy in the backround - is very stern where as Boyd - the guy in front - isn't. Which makes a big change to how things normally go down in this show - Waking The Dead


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