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Age of Ultron

Updated on June 3, 2013
Age of Ultron #1
Age of Ultron #1 | Source

Age of Ultron

Brian Michael Bendis' current mega-crossover, "Age of Ultron" is in full swing. Fans of Marvel are still wondering where this story actually fits into current continuity. Characters don't feel like they should in the new Marvel NOW! initiative. And the overall setting feels like it's not taking place alongside other Marvel stories.

Spider-Man may be the biggest head-scratcher with this one. Never has it felt like Otto Octavius in the body of Peter Parker. This isn't the Superior Spider-Man that's been developed over the past few months. Grant it, Bendis has been developing "Age of Ultron" likely before the switch was made with Spider-Man; but it is still jarring to say the least.

Tony Stark has also felt a bit off at times. He seems to be falling into his old habits that we haven't seen since before Marvel NOW! took off. The reveal that Ultron is attacking from the future and nearly half of Earth's heroes are dead is a wild revelation. We have also gotten the original Nick Fury back for this story.

Nearly everything about this story makes it feel like it's taking place outside continuity or else is in an alternate universe. It seems like Marvel is losing a great many characters that will have to be resolved or resurrected to keep a lot of their current book a float. This is the world of comic books after all and no one stays dead forever; except Uncle Ben. But certainly, readers will be hoping there isn't a major bait and switch coming in the final issues. Hopefully this event has major magnitude.

Readers are still feeling the weight the finale of "Avengers vs X-Men" and it would be great for "Age of Ultron" to give us a major climax to carry forward a number of Marvel's future titles.

Marvel has been taking things to a major galactic level recently. Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other have returned. Could we see Earth's Heroes move to a new planet; start a new Earth? It's concept that isn't foreign to comic books. One thing is for certain, wherever the story goes; readers just want a great ending. We've stuck around this long and the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Comic fans, let's gear up for whatever excitement Bendis has in store for us.

The story has continued to plug along at a wild pace. Wolverine has committed an unthinkable act against an Avengers and the world is wildly different. Many of our heroes are split between different time shifts and so much about how Ultron took control is still a mystery. The finale is coming quick and it will be very fun to see exactly how this is all going to work.

I just hope this doesn't end with someone waking up and it's all just a dream. It's far too exciting for the story to have no weight in the lasting universe.

Ultron is Unleashed
Ultron is Unleashed | Source


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