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Community's Greendale 7 Suspended from the Spring Semester at NBC!

Updated on June 13, 2012

UPDATE 2/21/12

Community fans rejoice! Community will return on Thursday March 15, 2012 at 8 pm on NBC to finish out the rest of its season 3 episodes!!!!!

Community airs on NBC at 8pm on Thu. at least until January 12, 2012.
Community airs on NBC at 8pm on Thu. at least until January 12, 2012. | Source

Everyone has their favorite shows, the few shows that you make time to watch, the one you find truly entertaining. These shows make you think, laugh, cry, jump, or hold on to the edge of your seat! You have made a connection to the show which allows you to escape the world around you for thirty minutes or an hour a week. These great shows that people fall in love with are not always on air, it takes time to develop a connection to the show and develop a loyalty to it. I would have to say television is pretty good right, at least from my perspective, some of my top ten television shows are currently on air. This includes Mad Men, 30 Rock, and Community. Two comedies and a drama! The common thread between these three shows is the brilliance behind them. Every line, setting and character has more than one meaning. More so for 30 Rock and especially Community, which have a lot of pop culture references, which happen to be ones I know and understand, make these shows funny at every turn. So why am I going on about my three favorite shows?

First it was Mad Men...

Well, with news of NBC’s lineup yesterday, I have come to discover that this is the year of hiatus for my favorite shows! First there was the horrible feud between AMC, Lionsgate and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. This disagreement pushed back the fifth season to the beginning of 2012, which meant I had to go the entire year of 2011 without a new Mad Men episode. Normally Mad Men airs at the end of the summer. Read more about it under my article Do You have Mad Men Withdrawal?

then it was 30 Rock...

The next blow was the announcement that 30 Rock was going on hiatus for fall 2011 and returning January 2012.Although this was disappointing, it was the only reasonable hiatus.That is because of the sudden baby boom on set!Both main characters Tina Fey, who also writes the show, and Jane Krakowski had children in the spring.Like many fans, I’m happy for both ladies but sure do miss my 30 Rock!On the bright side 30 Rock is set to come back on January 12, 2012!Also I have heard rumors that since it was on hiatus in the fall, there will be no breaks from January to May, a new episode every week!

and now Community

Now on to the latest blow, one that hurts just as bad as the Mad Men argument, NBC released mid season schedule yesterday and with no explanation the show Community was gone.It quickly went viral that something was up.Just watching the show last Thursday, I had said “I love when a show gets better every week” and that is what Community has done since last season but especially this fall.So you can understand why I was blindsided.I was even getting excited that all my favorite shows would be on at the same time in early 2012, with the return of 30 Rock and Mad Men, my weekly television watching was going to be heaven!Now not so much.There is some reason behind the move at NBC, yes Community doesn't have highest ratings but it does have a cult following and it really is an intelligent show.After the news broke, as a concession NBC has made it clear that Community is not cancelled, thank God, but is only going on hiatus for a while.I’m really starting to dislike the world hiatus.In fact I have even read a number of articles that say not only will it come back to finish its third season but it will probably get renewed for at least a fourth.All I have to say is it better!

So I guess the study group at Greendale has been suspended for the spring semester, maybe they will go to summer school?Let’s hope!

Update 1/7/2012

Community will be back on air sometime this spring! I came across an article on Huffington Post that assures the Greeendale Study Group will be back on air later this spring! No word on a 4th season...

Read here: 'Community' Not Canceled, Will Return To NBC, Premiere Date Not Yet Set, Season 4 Not Confirmed

Do you miss Community already?

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update 2/3/12

It seems that although the show is not in the weekly schedule, according to the Twitter accounts of many of the cast they are still filming!!!!! Below is a list of some of the casts Twitter accounts if you want to follow them!

Gillian Jacobs aka Britta Twitter account @GillianJacobs

Joel McHale aka Jeff Twitter account @joelmchale

Yvette Nicole Brown aka Shirley Twitter account @yvettenbrown

Danny Pudi aka Abed Twitter account @dannypudi

Donald Glover aka Troy Twitter account @DonaldGlover

Alison Brie aka Annie Twitter account @alisonbrie

Jim Rash aka Dean Pelton Twitter account @RashisTVUgly

Official Twitter account for the show @nbccommunity


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    • profile image

      Elias 6 years ago

      Great article, and yeah, I was hit by the Mad Men, 30Rock-Community punch too…for me the Community hit the hardest, as it’s easily my favorite show. We are the ones who must #SaveCommunity! Unfortunately I missed the last new episode a few weeks back, as I was making an airport run during the Greendale commercial/documentary episode, but luckily as a DISH customer and employee I was able to watch it from work on my lunch break using my iPhone and the TV Everywhere app from DISH Network, which lets me watch live or recorded TV from anywhere as long as I have a 3G or wifi connection. I loved all the little (and sometimes LARGE) nods to Hearts of Darkness, and Louis Guzman was great. Can’t wait for this weeks new episode.

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 6 years ago from Connecticut

      I highly recommend Community, it's such a fun show loaded with pop culture references!

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 6 years ago from Iowa

      You and I seem to have similar taste in shows (Mad Men and 30 Rock are my two faves) but I've never watched Community. Maybe I should use the hiatus to get caught up on all the past seasons.

    • profile image

      aben94 6 years ago


      everyone loves this hilarious show! what a shame!

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 6 years ago from Connecticut

      i knew this smelled fishy, you're right city college must be behind it! too bad it couldn't be resolved over a paintball tournament

    • YadiraE profile image

      YadiraE 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      What??!!! No! NO!!! What will I do now?!! I can't live without the study group!! It's a conspiracy I tell you! City College is behind this!