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Comparison among Radio, Television and Internet

Updated on June 19, 2013

Declination of Radio

As in general, radio should be one of the most engaging sources that deliver listeners a touch of entertainment. But, due to many other interesting alternatives for instance television and internet, this highly degrades radio in our digital environment. People prefer watching television rather than reading newspapers and listening to the radio that is much important. Therefore, the world is moving towards digital performance day by day and mechanical appliances are warding off by us.

In the olden times, radios were performed by Radio Jockies (RJs) but in this era of advancement of the technology, Disc Jokies (DJs) are staging radio for the community. They create music to digitalise the programmes and shows in custody to this mean of communication. VJs are fundamentally different than the above because they are being staged in video shows.


Radio Versus Television

In comparison between radio and television, televisions are much popular because whenever any special event comes, community shut off the radio and goes to watching television. Likewise, if sports matches are being held, which appliance will entertain more? Exactly television will amuse viewers. So, in this television is much ideal in this case.

Some common inexpensive and expensive cell phones have built-in radio more willingly than television setup. People used to listen, latest music and talk shows through radio. Moreover, radio is an excellent source of pleasure and amusement. In my opinion, radio is no more than the symbolic gesture and a masterpiece which helps to communicate our local famous personalities.

Radio in the Internet
Radio in the Internet | Source

Comparing Radio and Internet

Radio is less-popular and interesting than the Internet, but if we look at both sides we will conclude that radio is not harmful for our personal use. Most of the crimes are held via the web like cyber hacking may cause your personal data injurious. Radio channels are performing well accomplished tasks for the audiences. Through the radio, one can show his talent and confidence. This can also be done by means of the Internet as well.

By means of the Internet, we can listen, live online radio stations. But this job can’t be completed by the use of radio. So, in this point, the Internet is more helpful and comforting for fundamental usage. Internet is a communicating network that keeps in touch us to our friends and relatives. Verily, this is one of the best sources of communication.

Internet, a Global Village

After making such differences, I was wondering that why internet is a global village rather than saying it as a global city. After such confusions, I have gotten my results. Internet is a global village because in rural areas people know more about each other than urban areas. In the cities everyone is busy in his own tasks, unlike this the residents living in the villages have more knowledge about each other.

So, therefore this confusion was eliminated after such consequences. A number of social networking sites are here in web to evince any individual or a specific item. Nowadays, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the common social networking websites used for this purpose. Moreover, these sites are developing by leaps and bounds after getting special achievements because of the assistance given by their officials.

Electronic mailing system is also another huge example where a document is submitted and it can be transferred to another email address. In this way, everyone can easily send his data communication files to another destination as they are totally based upon stored-and-forward model. Along with email service, instant messages are also a great way for communication.

Online admissions are also held by making use of the web. Some major institutions offer online admissions, nevertheless it becomes so easy to handle such issues instead of doing it offline. The examination results are also delivered to users via Internet through the official or local websites.


After concluding, we come to know that every source has a unique aspect in development of the joy. But here we can result as:

  • Radio helps us to communicate with local stars or any particular person.
  • Radio provides us better regional news that can't be done by any other print media.
  • Television gives us the news alerts being happen on national level.
  • Talk shows, Sports and recreation can be demonstrated by the assistance of television.
  • Internet is a great way for communication between friends and family.
  • Both radio and television can be played directly by the use of Internet.

Above characteristics show that all the three print medias are playing a great roll in our background and society.

Which is the best source of communication?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      this is good i like it very good for my school work

    • iguidenetwork profile image


      5 years ago from Austin, TX

      Internet FTW. :)

      You can have on TV and radio at any time of the day, anywhere. And then some more. :)


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